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Your baby's room: how and when to start preparing it

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La habitación del bebé
Decorar la habitación de tu bebé es todo un ejercicio de creatividad. La clave para que sea cómoda y bonita es cuidar los detalles y que todo esté al alcance de la mano. Aquí tienes algunas ideas para que te inspires.

Written by:

María Hidalgo

Journalist specialized in pregnancy and childhood

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Updated: September 21, 2020

La habitación de tu bebé: cómo y cuándo empezar a prepararla

The decoration of the baby's room full of illusion to the parents.Preparations, choice of colors and the purchase of furniture and matching accessories must be prepared with time to avoid tiredness and stress that it can be for the future mom to leave it for the last minute.The end of the second trimester of pregnancy and the beginning of the third, that is, around five or six months of pregnancy, is considered the ideal time to prepare the baby's room, which must be finished before delivery.

When to start preparing your baby's room

Many mothers begin with the preparations in the room when their doctor confirms, through the ultrasound of week 20, the sex of their baby.Knowing that a boy or girl is expected to shoot the wishes of future parents to prepare a cozy place for their child, and this activity helps to make the wait shortmeet your baby.

These modern preparations are also related to the so -called nest syndrome experienced by many species, and that has an ancestral origin.It represents the instinct that pregnant women feel to prepare the nest, in this case the baby's bedroom at home, to receive their newborn.In fact, many women about to give birth often comment that they have started cleaning the house, ordering and placing everything just a few days before delivery.The father's collaboration in the preparations for the nest is very positive and makes him feel more real and close to her in pregnancy.


The personal taste of the couple plays a fundamental role in choice of decoration, but it is also important to think about the practical sense that the room should have throughout the child's growth.It should be taken into account that the convertible furniture, the washable walls, the neutral colors ... are very practical solutions, which allow the stay to adapt to the evolution of the child.

Cómo debe ser la habitación de tu bebé

Created: January 30, 2014

Ajuar del bebé

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