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22 super useful things to keep your house well organized that cost you less than $400

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Become a Prime member and save on shipping, technology, beauty, music, fashion and much more. 22 Cosas súper útiles para tener bien organizada tu casa que te cuestan menos de 0 22 Cosas súper útiles para tener bien organizada tu casa que te cuestan menos de 0

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1.A simple but very useful three-tier organizer that serves as a spice rack, for your desk, bathroom, or dresser. ($161)

2.Save space and keep your home clean and tidy with this super easy to install broom and cleaning tool rack. ($299)

3.Stack an extra level of plates, cans or containers in your kitchen cabinets with this versatile rack that makes the most of space. ($265)

4. How come clothes don't fit in your drawer? Of course it fits! You just have to organize it in these flexible boxes with different sections for underwear and shirts. ($279)

5. Add five more spaces to your closet with this vertical shelf that takes advantage of the height of your closet, and gives you the chance to store more clothes than you would normally fit. ($234)

6.Keep all your shoes in place and in one place thanks to this interlocking shoe rack, which you can fit across the width or height of your room. ($379)

7. Some cubes that are an organizational solution for the home, since they are the perfect place to store supplies for the bathroom, office things, toys, magazines, and any other trinket you can think of. ($246)

8.If you have trouble finding a pen among all the things on your desk, put more order with the help of this functional organizer. ($320)

9. Arrange your little plants, picture frames, books or other decorative accessories on these versatile floating shelves that you can also put in the living room, study, etc. ($299)

10.If you're going to use them for books or magazines, these shelves have stoppers on the ends to make it easier to keep them in place. ($299)

11.That the cutlery does not get stuck with the drawer, store them in this tray with compartments so that they all fit in the same place. ($279)

12.A four-tier shelf to organize cleaning supplies, groceries, toys, or even clothes. ($315)

13. Store blankets, jackets, sheets, towels, curtains, or clothes that are not for daily use, in these spacious and practical zippered bags where the clothes do not get dusty or dirty. ($299)

14. If you're looking for a cute and practical way to store your brushes, paints or pencils, these metal hexagons are a very original option. ($195)

15. It is known that pans are one of the kitchen utensils that take up the most space when stored, but this rack is an excellent option to have them on the kitchen counter. ($359)

16.The sink area in the bathroom will look more organized and clean with this support that has a brush holder, two glasses, and a place for toothpaste, soap or some cream. ($359)

17.Not even your earrings, rings or necklaces have to be scattered around, since this mini suitcase-type jewelry box is perfect for storing them. ($211)

18. In addition to the classic cosmetic bag, this revolving tower is a great option to accommodate your makeup, skincare products, brushes, and more ($299)

19.Keep your spices, seasonings, oil, or those ingredients that you use constantly in your kitchen close at hand, in these practical metal organizers. ($245)

20. These grab-and-go containers are a great hack for making the most of your fridge, as well as keeping your food fresher for longer. ($300)

21. Never forget your keys or your face mask when you go out, in this mini entrance coat rack you can always have the most essential things in sight and at hand. ($399)

22. Honeycomb drawer organizers are great for keeping all your drawers super tidy, no matter what you throw in them. ($368)

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22 Cosas súper útiles para tener bien organizada tu casa que te cuestan menos de 0

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