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5 easy tricks to remove stains from children's clothes

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That children are stained is practically inevitable, and if you are a father you know it.99.9% of the children return home at the end of the day with some stain in their clothes, and now that school has started ... even more.Routines return to homes and play, have fun and learn is what the little ones in the house are dedicated to, and that inevitably implies some other stain.


To try that the return to school is a little more bearable in this regard, we bring you some very easy home remedies, of those of a lifetime, to remove those rebel spots from the clothes or the batters of the little ones.Even if you think they will not jump with these simple tricks and with products that we have at home, they are sure to be new.

How to remove colored wax

The little ones in the house love to paint but some still suffer some "accident" with the colored wax, which ends in the folio and in the clothes.To end this spot you will only need to place a piece of baking paper (the right of the right on the stain) and give heat to the dryer.You will see how little by little it begins to be softened to disappear.Then put some chitamanchas, rub a little and to the washing machine.No sign!

How to remove the pen ink

Another classic of the stains of the return to school.Put some milk on the stain, rub, chitamanchas, rub and the washing machine.You can also use alcohol, but it is more aggressive with tissues.

How to remove marker stains

99.9% of children get home with a marker stain.Well, with this simple trick they will not be a headache.Stretch the garment and spray a good amount of hair lacquer on it.You will see how the stain begins to dissolve.Chitamanchas, rub and the washing machine.

5 trucos fáciles para quitar las manchas de la ropa de los niños

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How to remove typex stains

These spots are already a little older, when they begin to use the Typex.Although now the “sticker” is usually used if your children are going more boli and stained, put some water on top, rub a little with the nail or with a toothbrush and jump.Next, the three basics as always: chitamanchas, rub and washing machine.

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How to remove the glue in the clothing

It is also very common for the bar glue that children wear at school end up in clothes.The solution is very simple.Pour a little water on the stain and rub with a toothbrush.VOILÁ!The three basics and goodbye spots.

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