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A woman gave birth to 9 babies and her testimony went viral: she spends 100 diapers and 6 liters of milk per day

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Bringing a child to the world does not mean only a great delivery of love and affection but also implies having to think about new expenses such as diapers, milk, clothing, among others. Halima Cisse rompió todos los récords después de traer al mundo a nueve bebés y su testimonio sobre su nueva vida aún sorprende.

Su historia se hizo conocida en mayo pasado cuando la mujer oriunda de Marruecos anunció que esperaba un embarazo múltiple.He never imagined that nine children would be born: there were five women and four men and they were hospitalized for a long time.

// I waited for septillizos, but no: in the end it gave birth to nine babies and broke the record of the "octomamá"

At that time, Mali's Ministry of Health said in a statement that Cisse had given birth to five girls and four boys for caesarean section."The mother and babies are fine so far," Mali's Minister of Health, Fanta Siby, added to the AFP, added that the Malian doctor who accompanied Cisse to Morocco kept her informed.

Los nueve hijos de Halima están en buen estado de salud después de haber nacido con pesos inferiores a 1 kilo.According to their story, the children were conceived naturally and never imagined that something like this would happen.

Una mujer dio a luz a 9 bebés y su testimonio se viralizó: gasta 100 pañales y 6 litros de leche por día

“As the babies arrived, my head was filled with questions. Estaba muy consciente de lo que pasaba y parecía como un río interminable de bebés que salía de mí”, dijo en una entrevista en ese momento.

Now, three months after having birth to the little ones, Cisse confessed that he has not yet recovered completethey.

"I feel very happy... Es un hermoso regalo”, dijo a ABC News.Her husband, Abdelkader Arby, shared her feeling and called her 9 children "a gift from God".

Halima's case is one of the rarest in the world.Nonillizos pregnancies are extremely unusual and very risky.The children were born in week 30 and could survive after childbirth.

El Libro Guinness de los Récords recoge como el mayor parto múltiple en el que los bebés hayan sobrevivido el caso de la estadounidense Nadya Suleman, que en enero de 2009 dio a luz a octillizos, por lo que se la conoce como “la Octomamá” u “Octomom” .

A few weeks ago, a woman from India said she had given birth to 10 children on June 8 but the only test is her testimony.The news toured all the portals of the world but it was a ‘fake news’. Finalmente Gosiame Sithole fue internada en un nueropsiquiátrico.

The incredible expenses to keep the nonillizos

Si bien los pequeños están muy bien de salud, Halima reveló en una entrevista que gasta aproximadamente 100 pañales al día y 6 litros de leche de fórmula para alimentar a los 9 bebés.

The funny thing is that despite the present exhausting that she is living with the children, the woman did not rule out having more children and continuing to add members to the super family.

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