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Ali Macgraw Robert Evans: The marriage that began with a drunkenness of Dom Perignon

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Para Ali, el divorcio supuso un nuevo comienzo. Todavía era famosa, pero ya no era la estrella más taquillera del mundo de 1972. Interpretó papeles en películas que no funcionaron y en series de televisión como Dinastía. Se dedicó a cuidar de su hijo Josh y mantuvo varias relaciones enfermizas, combinadas con una creciente depresión y el abuso de alcohol. “No me sentía completa si no tenía una pareja”, reconoce. “Estar enamorada era una droga dura”. En 1986 ingresó voluntariamente en la Betty Ford, declarando: “Me llamo Ali y soy adicta al alcohol y a los hombres”. De ahí emergió con una biografía en la que narraba sus problemas desde niña y como una inesperada icono del yoga, que ayudó a popularizar en los 90 con un vídeo doméstico que hizo por la disciplina lo mismo que Jane Fonda por el aerobic en los 80.Ali MacGraw Robert Evans: el matrimonio que empezó con una borrachera de Dom Perignon Ali MacGraw Robert Evans: el matrimonio que empezó con una borrachera de Dom Perignon

The 80s was not conducive to his ex -husband, Robert Evans.After several hits such as Marathon Man or Chinatown, already as an independent producer, and another failed marriage with former Miss America George, in 1980 he fell into a raid in the DEA when he tried to buy cocaine "of pharmacy".He lost friends, the favor of the Paramount and his former partners, and part of the conviction consisted of shooting an anti -drug advertising."Put yourself with yourself" was one of those mass hits in which the stars join for the common good, a precedent of We are the world of the USA for Africa.In Get High on Yourself Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, Muhammad Ali, Paul Newman or Mark Hamill sang inspired against drugs.Of course, Evans kept consuming.

Ali MacGraw Robert Evans: el matrimonio que empezó con una borrachera de Dom Perignon

But the worst was yet to come. In 1983 the businessman Roy Radin, only 33 years old appeared. Radin had tried to launch a film about Cotton Club, so the young camel Lanie Jacobs (actually Karen Greenberger) had introduced Robert Evans in exchange for $ 50,000. Evans and Radin had reached an agreement and the film was in the financing phase when Radin disappeared and was found murdered. The film ended up being, it was a production nightmare and a commercial failure, but for Evans the murder of Radin was the real personal and professional ordeal. Seeing his name linked to such a scandalous case, the press was primed with him, lost his job and struck. "The shame, drugs and the continuous failure, which was new to me, consumed me," he would declare. Fearing suicide, he voluntarily entered a psychiatric, which he escaped in the middle of the treatment. He had sold his dreamed's house, Woodland, to a French industrialist who did not want to sell it again, but managed to recover it through his friend Jack Nicholson. In 91, Roy Radin's trial was resolved, already known as "the murder of Cotton Club", condemning Lanie Jacobs and several more individuals for crime. Evans was not even accused. In another fantastic turn of his life, a new executive of the Paramount who had obtained his first job thanks to him in Goodbye, Columbus, called him in the early 90s to offer him work again in the study. In his new stage as a producer, Bob Evans took success such as Sliver (harassed), Jade or the Saint.

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