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Benefits of walking: what you should know

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Proven, leaving a sedentary lifestyle reduces the onset of diabetes, colon and breast cancer. Walk every day and you will improve your physical and mental health.

Physical activity does not have to be a difficult task. If you don't have enough time, you didn't get to go to the gym or just thinking about training makes you tired, the solution is to walk!

“It is estimated that the elimination of a sedentary lifestyle could reduce the appearance of coronary heart disease, diabetes, colon and breast cancer by between 6% and 10%, and therefore, prolong people's life expectancy. Due to its simplicity, accessibility and safety, it is a very friendly way of improving the levels of physical activity of the entire population”, explains Dr. Francisco Ibarra, an internist at Clínica Alemana.

How much should we walk? At least 30 minutes a day at a moderate pace (5 km/h) are required.

Walking improves physical and mental health

One of the advantages of this type of physical activity is that it can be practiced at different times… “In a work window, speaking in a meeting, talking on the phone, on the way to or from work, or simply around the clock. place where we live, as an individual, family activity or accompanied by your dog”, proposes Dr. Francisco Ibarra.

Among the enormous benefits of walking regularly is that:

Burn calories with 30 minutes of daily walking

Beneficios de caminar: lo que debes saber

It is always advisable to adjust the walking prescription to the conditions of each patient, according to their level of training and their sports or physical activity history.

It should never be forgotten that short walks are also useful and beneficial for health. However, as a general recommendation we should achieve the following goals:

“The amount of calories that can be burned depends on the time and vigorousness (speed) of the walk, as well as the weight and metabolic state of the patient. Approximately, 1 hour of walking can spend between 210 and 360 Kcal, and a desirable goal to improve physical condition is to complete between 1,000 and 1,500 Kcal of walking per week; therefore, this requires at least 3 hours of brisk walking (over 6 km/h), or 5 hours of walking at a moderate pace (5-6 km/h)”, clarifies the specialist in Internal Medicine.

To measure calories expended while walking (or energy consumption), there are apps that can help with the measurement. To get an idea, the estimated values ​​are:

Literal steps to meet daily walking goal

  1. Goal

    “For an adult person, who does not have much time to exercise, the main way to be motivated to walk is to have a clear objective: ´I want to feel better, more agile´, ´I want to lose weight´, ´I want to prevent diseases vascular´”, proposes Dr. Francisco Ibarra.

  2. map out a plan

    Once the objective is clear, it is recommended to draw up a plan and fulfill it at all costs. “It is difficult to impose a habit if it is not born from a personal need. It also helps if they are family or group goals.

  3. Adapt goals

    The goals must be adapted, more than to age, to progressive and persistent training. “A person who is just starting out could start with 30-minute sessions, 2 times a week, and then a trained walker can walk many hours a day; there are practically no time and age limits”, clarifies the specialist from Clínica Alemana.

Children and adolescents require parental support

Faced with the context of high technology and a pandemic, where boys and girls do not go out on the streets as much, Dr. Alex Vaisman, a specialist in sports traumatology at Alemana Sport, invites parents and adults to encourage their sons and daughters regarding the benefits that physical activity generates in your health, growth and in the rest of your life.

“The most important thing is that parents worry, educate their children and encourage them to play sports. Walking is also considered within exercise. Physical activity is recommended, hopefully distributed throughout the week, with moderate activity, ideally about 30 minutes, 5 times a week; and with vigorous activity at least 1 to 2 times a week,” explains Dr. Vaisman.

Follow these recommendations and let's walk!

As you can see, a 30-minute walk does not require more equipment and that is another virtue. Start!

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