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Caritas opens its first sustainable store in Alicante to favor the reintegration of disadvantaged groups

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The fashion chain of Caritas arrives in Alicante with the opening of a new clothing and second-hand accessories trade that has been located on Pintor Cabrera Street, 14.The project is committed to a sustainable consumption space reusing second -hand goods and at the same time favoring the insertion of people at risk of social exclusion from the territory.The income of the establishment will be allocated to training and labor inclusion initiatives of vulnerable groups attended by Cáritas.This business initiative is intended for the promotion of social and solidarity economy through reuse, recycling and sale of used clothing, with the main objective of generating social and sustainable employment, they report from the bishopric.The inauguration will attend the president of the Diputación, Carlos Mazón, the councilors of the government team Julia Llopis and Lidia López, and the mayor of Compromís Natxo Bellido.

The fashion store re- Alicante, add the sources, has been created with a modern and current image, which wants to break the stereotypes that are associated with second-hand stores.2 people currently work in vulnerability and 1 manager, following the demanding cleaning, disinfection and access control protocols implemented after the outbreak of COVID-19.This is the first store in the municipality and the number 106 fashionable.

“Following the health crisis, we want to emphasize especially the value of these projects framed in the social and solidarity economy.An important commitment to proximity trade and the generation of jobs from recovery processes.It is time, as a society, to face social reconstruction, live with social awareness and that it affects consumption.The crisis we are suffering has hit the most vulnerable groups we attend.People who buy in fashion re-help these groups to be able to get out of this crisis, ”say from Cáritas Diocesana de Orihuela-Aliante.

Cáritas abre en Alicante su primera tienda sostenible para favorecer la reinserción de colectivos desfavorecidos

Detail of clothes and recycled bags

A textile project

The Caritas textile project is based on a circular economy that respects and takes care of people and the environment."Now it is more necessary than ever working for the awareness of the reuse of clothing.One of the priority goals within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, is responsible consumption and production.In this sense, in Caritas plants work is worked following a process of treatment of clothing and accessories with which a saving of CO2 and m³ emissions is achieved, "they explain from the diocese.

About fashion re-

Fashion re- It is the social initiative promoted by Cáritas, framed within the social and solidarity economy, aimed at the collection, reuse and preparation for textile recycling.It has 6.147 containers on public roads and other private locations (such as schools, health centers, supermarkets, etc..).Those suitable garments to offer them a second life are put on sale in one of their more than 100 stores, where, in addition, the people who need it can also acquire their garments, through a normalized purchase experience and withoutNo cost.With its activity, fashion has generated 1.000 jobs, 500 of which are intended for people at a situation or risk of exclusion that they carry out within fashion their insertion itineraries.

Another moment of inauguration of sustainable trade

The main objective of the project is the person and the social purpose, so people from the Social Insertion Program of Cáritas participate in it, among others.In addition to giving employment to groups in a situation of social exclusion (accompanying them in a personalized insertion process, it allows people to be empowered in transport trades, industrial classification and customer service) and dignify the way of receiving the clothes of those who need it, fashion is linked to the care of the environment, promoting the maximum use of all raw materials, as well as sustainable and responsible consumption.This takes on special relevance in the current context, in which the textile industry is the second most polluting on the planet.

Currently, it is estimated that in Spain every year around 990.000 tons of textile products go to landfills.However, and according to the data provided by the study "Analysis of the collection of used clothing in Spain", textile recycling rates remain low: only between 10-12% of post-consumption textile waste is collected separately for reuse for reuseand/or recycling, and less than 1% of the total production is recycled in a closed cycle, that is, with the same use or similar.Fashion leads to the collection of textile waste throughout Spain, managing every year more than 44.000 tons, 41% of the total, concludes the NGO statement.

It is the first Caritas store in Alicante and the 106 fashion in Alicante

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