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Cystitis in summer? These home remedies can help you prevent it.

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Before you know what home, natural, habit or plant remedies you can use to fight cystitis, it's convenient to know what we're talking about when we talk about it.

Cystitis is defined as inflammation of the urinary bladder. It is produced mainly by infectious causes, among which bacteria are the most frequent. E. coli is the bacteria that most frequently can cause acute cystitis in both men and women (70-80% of cases). Among other causes of cystitis are inflammatory bladder disorders such as hormonal changes, radiation therapy or other less frequent causes such as bladder cancer, explains Dr. Diana Mejia, urologist and member of Doctoralia.

Depending on whether it is a woman, a man, a child or an older person, it may have several origins: more often it is a bacterium that colonizes urine, a emptying defect, a stone or an irritation of the nerves that regulate the activity would urinate. Also, the quality of the same urine we produce may be responsible for the painting, adds Dr. Nicola Tartaglia, urologist and also a member of Doctoralia.

¿Cistitis en verano? Estos remedios caseros pueden ayudarte a prevenirla

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