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Do you need money?: These applications will help you earn it easy and fast

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Applications to earn money can help you get additional income since they allow almost anyone to obtain resources.

From banking activity to the handling of your invoices, they are already made through a smartphone.So why not use your phone with apps to earn money too?

They will not make you rich in the short term, but many can offer you ways to win some extra currencies.

Look at them if you want to earn some additional money, often for little or no real job, with these applications.

El celular es una herramienta para ganar dinero con aplicaciones.

Capital One Shopping

One of the best applications to earn money is Capital One Shopping.It is a shopping app in which you earn two ways: finding better offers and giving you rewards.

An saved penny is a penny cattle, so saving money in a purchase is a perfect job.

Capital One Shopping has a database of websites with products and prices.Once you install the application on your browser, Capital One Shopping can automatically compare the product that interests you.

You can also use the phone application to scan product bar codes in stores and find local retailers that sell the same for better price.The other way in which Capital One Shopping can make you make money is to grant you rewards when you buy.

You can add offers from local merchants and online suppliers to your account.When you buy in one of those stores, you will get reward points to exchange for gift cards on popular websites.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is an investment application that offers you the opportunity to buy shares with a zero negotiation cost.

The beauty of this program is that it can invest in partial actions;Therefore, if you only have dozens of dollars to invest, you can own a part of Apple, for example.

Robin Hood's advantage, one of the applications to earn money, is that when you register (which is free), you will receive a free action.This part of the shares can vary in value between 2.50 and 200 dollars.


Public is a social investment application that allows you to develop your financial knowledge with your friends.It offers fractional actions of thousands of public companies and ETF, which allows you to create a portfolio regardless of your budget.

Since public is a social experience, they offer many ways for members to win free "portions" of shares (valued at up to 10 dollars) for recommending your friends.

Like other applications to earn money, each public member obtains a unique sharing link.Public also allows you to share your operations outside the application.And when he does and your friends come together and are approved, you can gain free actions.

You will also get free actions inviting friends to chat groups.Once they join and approved, you will also get free actions for that.The more friends you bring, the more portions you will earn.


This program, one of the applications to earn money, makes it really easy to earn rewards without having to think about it.

You simply link it to your credit and debit cards, you spend as you would normally and then win points buying with your favorite retailers.You can exchange the points you have won for free gift cards.


It is an excellent investment and savings application that offers $ 10 after registering.

It is another applications to earn money and can help you monitor your daily finances, save for the future and plan an investment strategy that fits your risk profile.


¿Necesitás dinero?: estas aplicaciones te ayudarán a ganarlo fácil y rápido

If you use credit cards or retail applications, it is likely that some of the articles you buy are subject to price protection policies.This means that if the price drops within a certain period of time of your purchase, you will get a refund.

Earny, another applications to earn money, connects with your credit cards to automatically search for prices and subsequent reimbursements.The application takes 25% of the reimbursements it receives.But it is still free money.

Applications to earn money: rewards for opinion on Google

Allows you to receive surveys once a week.With this application, you get rewards that you can use in the Google application store.

Surveys are generally quite brief and can include things such as qualifying different ads.

Money Machine

This application is similar to others that focus on surveys, but it also allows you to make money watching videos and completing other small online tasks.

This application to earn money, will notify you when you can complete different types of offers.Then, you can transfer rewards to your PayPal account in cash.


This application to earn money gives you alerts when you qualify for a paid survey.You can configure your profile in advance and then receive notifications from the surveys for which you qualify.

You can also make product reviews, be a secret buyer or try ads.You will get rewards, which can be exchanged in the Ipoll online store.


This application to earn money basically converts your cash accountant.Monitor your activity and then reward you with a sweat currency.

You cannot convert the digital currency into cash.But you can spend it in the application store on goods and services, or donate to beneficial organizations such as cash.It is an easy way to earn money just by walking.


If you take photos on your smartphone, Foap could help you earn money.

You can sell your photos to brands and individuals around the world;Sell photos you already have in an online portfolio;Or you can make specific missions to sell photos to brands like Pepsi.Foap allows you to withdraw your profits through PayPal.


This application -based store allows you to sell everything from toys to clothes.And so earn money.

Your lists are free.You only pay a 10% rate when the sale is completed.This is also a great place to buy used products online.


Do you want to become a secret buyer?Mobee allows you to do it easily.

Download the application and then use the map to choose a company in it.You can complete missions in a variety of retailers and restaurants.You will get points for each mission, which you can exchange for gift cards or gifts.

Offer Up

Here is another way of selling unwanted things easily.Simply download the application and then sell virtually anything.

This application to earn money is designed for the local sale of larger items such as furniture, but you can also find items for babies and children, clothing, electronic products and more.

Task Rabbit

If you are interested in earning money by completing basic tasks and making cats locally, Consulta Task Rabbit.You can win by completing these things for your neighbors and then you can withdraw your money.


Use ibotta when you go shopping to save with cash reimbursements or earn points for buying your favorite brands.

You can also win by linking your store loyalty cards to the application or sending your receipts to the application after buying.You can collect your cash refund through PayPal, Venmo or in the form of gift cards.


This program, one of the applications to earn money, allows you to find retail prices for used books and textbooks.Simply use the camera of your phone to take a photo of the book's ISBN and you will see what is worth online.

You can even use the application to create a shipping label for the books you send to Bookscouter.This is a great application if you want to order some books, take advantage of your used university textbooks or buy potentially valuable used books in garage sales and second -hand stores.


This program allows you to make money with your smartphone photos.This photos sale application gives you points and allows you to upload while you provide photos to companies.

You can use the application to create a portfolio and share photos with whom you want.You can also receive notifications about requests that you could comply with.


This program, one of the applications to earn money, allows you to sell specific types of items that you could have in the house.

It focuses on CD, DVD and games.You can use the application to take a photo of the article and obtain an instant offer for the price.You can send the items to Declutr for free and obtain your money by direct deposit the next day.

Checkout 51

This is a coupon application and cash return.It allows you to search and save coupons before going shopping.Then you can use the application to earn cash when you buy your favorite brands.


This application is aimed at those who want to earn some money, but you could also become a full -time gigwalker.You can use the incorporated map function of the application to find concerts near yours.

The jobs can include things like assembling furniture, walking the dog or simply making basic errands.The payment and frequency of the concerts depend on the place where you live.

Surveys on the Go

This is another survey application that allows you to configure your profile and then conduct surveys for which they pay you.

It allows you to qualify experiences and purchase products or even review movies or television programs.You will get your first dollar immediately when you download the application.


This application offers free games that allow you to earn points or even real money.You can redeem the tickets that win by tickets to raffles, subscriptions to magazines, gift cards and more.


Do you have more disorder than get rid of?Try letgo and you earn money.

The application uses the recognition of images and artificial intelligence to hold and categorize the elements as you list them.You can sell even large items to nearby buyers.

Field Agent

With this application to earn money, you can receive notifications on missions in your area.Basically, its objective is to help companies provide better service to their customers.

You can do it by visiting local stores, buying specific products or taking photos.You can also answer questions or do surveys.You will earn cash, which you can receive by direct deposit.

Muchas aplicaciones tienen relación con el comercio electrónico.

How to earn money with applications

There are many ways to add money with applications, and some have a more automated process than others.To begin, you must decide which application you want to use and the way you want to win.The options include:

Cash return

Many cash return portals or purchasing browser extensions help you save money on the purchases you make, which allows you to obtain cash reimbursements for gift cards or direct cash.

Small tasks

Many of these applications allow you.Most of you can even do them while doing multiple tasks.

Larger tasks

Applications like these allow you to configure a profile and advertise your services or choose from a list of jobs you want to pay you.


You can earn money with the amount you invest, which is a passive way of adding money.You don't need much money to start.Then, you just have to register to get an account and read what you should do to start.

While it may sound a bit boring, reading its terms and conditions is useful to know things like how it will be paid.

Conviene investigar el tiempo que demanda la aplicación para que consigas recursos.

How to choose the best application

Choosing the best application may require a little test and error.First, you start thinking about how long you have to dedicate to the application.For example, if you prefer to have a more passive option to earn money, or if you have some time to dedicate and think it could be fun.

Scams to avoid

Unfortunately, there are scammers who will try to snatch the money that cost you so much.If there are applications or people who communicate with you and that require you to pay or spend money so you can earn rewards, I fled far.

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Investment applications will need money to invest, but you don't need to pay anything to access your own cash.If you are not sure if an application is legitimate, it is better to prevent than regret and not register.

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