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This is the list of 'essentials' so that your baby does not lack anything in the hospital

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A pair of pajamas, an uncountable number of bodysuits (will they be many, will they be few?), socks, a hat just in case, bootees, a lullaby... Garments that are part of, or of an infinite list to which we do not know how to put point and end, or a blank page that you don't know where to start. One thing is clear, every baby needs specific newborn clothes for when he is born . His arrival is a magical moment and it is best to be prepared , to have all the needs covered so that, from the hospital itself, we do nothing but enjoy.

If you want to have everything ready for when your baby is born, our recommendation is that you make a list with everything you need for your baby's basket . You can even ask for it to be given to you. A layette is usually a nice backpack, bag or basket that includes the different items for a newborn's first days in the hospital , but it can also include an item for the mother herself. However, it is something that is being done less and less and has been replaced by a small suitcase with very practical products . Many mothers are very excited to prepare it, but others not so much. To help you with this task, we have created a complete list of all the elements that your baby may need in those first days so that you do not forget anything.

Also remember that experts recommend having this list under control and preparing it a few weeks before the expected date of delivery , because in 95% of cases, no mother gives birth on the established date.

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