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From the casual style of Boohoo to the Parisian influence of Polín et moi: 7 'low-cost' stores you should know beyond Primark or Zara

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There is life –and fashion– beyond the textile giants. The irruption of COVID-19 has put many clothing firms on the map, which, although they were not hidden, did remain in the shadow of large companies that dominate practically the entire market, such as the multi-brand companies Asos and Zalando and without a doubt , the Inditex universe.

To capture all the trends, there is Boohoo, Kameo or Forever 21. Without, on the contrary, seeking to achieve a Parisian or pretty style, there are the printed dresses by Polin et moi or Kling. There are endless possibilities in terms of fashion stores that combine fashion and economy. Here you have 7 options whatever your style and, above all, your pocket.

1. Kling


Kling's printed dresses are already a classic. The women's clothing and accessories brand has been gaining fans for years thanks to its garments marked by a very informal and pretty style. They ship their products all over the world.

2. Boohoo


From Boohoo's laid-back style to Parisian influence of Polín et moi: 7 low-cost stores you should know about beyond Primark or Zara

Boohoo is one of the main international competitors of brands such as Asos. The online banner was born in 2006 and is described as the company that never sleeps. Its great assets are the more than 100 products that are launched on its website every day and its wide range of prices.

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3. Muji


Muji, which in Japanese means “unbranded quality items,” was founded in Japan in 1980. The firm offers a wide variety of products, including home, clothing, and food. It currently has more than 1,000 stores around the world with more than 7,000 items. You can buy online or go to some of its physical points in Madrid or Barcelona.

4. Forever 21

Forever 21

This is an American retailer from the universe known as fast fashion. Forever 21 is characterized by its fashion offers and low prices. The company sells and ships women's, men's and children's clothing online as well as accessories, beauty products, household items. Its large physical stores are usually located in shopping malls.

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5. Brownies


Brownie was founded in 2006 by Juan Morena, a textile businessman, and his wife, Mercedes Ortega, who named their firm in honor of the dog that has just arrived in the family, as detailed on their own website. Their line of feminine clothing, fresh and inspired by the Mediterranean, has earned them to captivate thousands of followers on the networks.

6. Kameo


Kameo is a fashion brand born and inspired in the city of Los Angeles, California, in 2016, but founded in Spain in the summer of 2017. The central axis of the firm, which sells through its website worldwide, is on a mission to bring the latest trends from Los Angeles to Europe, and to do so at affordable prices.

7. Polín et moi

Polin et moi

With a clear Parisian, romantic and floral inspiration, Polín et moi was born in 2013. The Spanish firm focused on women's fashion sells mostly online, but it has also carved a niche for itself in multi-brand stores or spaces such as El Corte Inglés.

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