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Go to the orchards, to feed the animals new responses about the restrictions in La Rioja

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B.M.Zaporta Logroño

The new regulations to stop the Covid pandemic in La Rioja continues.These measures entered into force on Januarytwotwo and will remain in force until twelve o'clock on Februarytwo3.The Riojan government again points out some issues that for citizens are not clear about these restrictions through the publication of a document in which it answers numerous questions that specify what can be done and what not around the displacements, what areExceptions, as well as what can be open, what not, the practice of sport and other activities.

The Executive clarifies in this letter that in the correction of errors to Decree3/two0two1, "only" has changed "an aspect related to high -level and high performance athletes, clarifying that level C included refers to Dan and notTo give ", that is," in the case of individual sports athletes, they can enter and leave the territory of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and the confined localities, to train and to participate in Spanish championships or official competitions in the fieldYonternational, athletes cataloged as high level (give up to level C included) or high performance (DAR) ».


How are they justified?

The responsible declaration model is maintained in the B annex.EYoTHER.R.of Januarytwo1 and that will accredit the exceptions for the displacements provided in the previous section, without prejudice to its verification at the request of the State Security Forces and Bodies, the municipal, autonomic or state inspection services, within the scope of theirCompetencies.Together with the responsible statement, all those documentation that is considered necessary to properly justify displacement such as medical certificate, dependency certificate, company certificate, student card, registration certificate, lease contract, etc..Yot is clarified that "public administrations will not issue any specific document for this purpose".

There is a standardized statement of responsible declaration available to the citizen and can be prosecuted here, it is the responsible declaration model.

Accompaniments of a relative to authorized people.According to art.3.1 c) del Decreto3/two0two1, detwo0 de enero, se permite el acompañamiento de un familiar a personas autorizadas, exclusivamente durante el tiempo mínimo, pero indispensable, para la realización del trayecto.Yon this sense, only a relative whose kinship must be proved documentary may be accompanied to the authorized person.

As far as coexistence groups are concerned, the accompaniment must do it relatives of the same coexistence unit and, in case of not being possible, relatives of the authorized person under the art.two.two. d) del Decreto3/two0two1, detwo0 de enero.

EYoTHERrchards, animales, compras en otros municipios y comidas en los colegios

Parcel collection points with human intervention (establishments open to the public).EYoTHERnly the existing stock may be collected at the date of entry into force of this agreement, in no subsequent case.

EYoTHERrchards.Yot is allowed to go to orchards as long as they are within the municipal term of the habitual residence.For this reason, the displacements outside the municipal term for the care of orchards are not authorized unless it is part of the professional activity of the one who moves.

Feed animals.Displacement to another municipal term other than usual residence to feed animals is allowed.Yot must be done for the essential time and documenting the ownership of the same.

Lunch in schools and institutes.Yot is allowed as long as the bubble groups and protocols established for this purpose are scrupulously respected by educational centers.

School canteens, in social work centers and dining services.Like restoration services in health or socio -health centers, they are included in Annex Yo (and therefore essential), social dining services, school and business dining rooms.

¿Y el uso de zonas comunes o recreativas en centros educativos?Yot is allowed as long as the bubble groups and protocols established for this purpose are scrupulously respected by educational centers.Yot is remembered that outside the educational center, groups other than cohabiting are not allowed with the exceptions collected in the Art.two.two del Decreto3/two0two1.

Can you go buy from other municipalities?The entrance and exit of the municipality is allowed and, therefore, displacements to retail feeding establishments, drinks, products and essential goods, qualified as essential.Yon any case, the displacements will be made to the closest towns, within the Autonomous Community of La Rioja, with sufficient capacity to meet these needs.

Purchases will be concentrated to minimize displacements.The entry and exit of the La Rioja community for this exception to mobility is not allowed.As far as possible, unnecessary displacements to other municipalities should be avoided if there are the possibility of acquiring these assets at the habitual residence domicile.State security forces and bodies and local police will monitor compliance with said measure.

Repair of bicycles, markets, unregulated education, real estate and bets

Bicycle workshops (maintenance and repair).The opening of these workshops for repair and/or bicycle maintenance is allowed without the sale of them (unless delivery).

Markets: Markets are included in Annex YoYo «Relationship of equipment and activities, qualified non -essential, whose opening to the public is suspended», so its opening is not allowed in any case.

Caza y pesca: la actividad de caza y pesca está expresamente recogida en el Anexo YoYo del Acuerdo de Consejo de Gobierno detwo0 de enero detwo0two1, «Equipamientos y actividades calificados como no esenciales», en particular en su apartado «Establecimientos abiertos y vías públicas», «Caza y Pesca».Yon any case, if the circumstances of animal health and health or control and condition for crops or fauna demanded, according to the criteria of the competent councils in the matter, the appropriate control measures may be evaluated.

Unregulated teaching. Se incluye un nuevo apartado en el Anexo YoYo (no esenciales) denominado «Unregulated teaching».Therefore, academies, self -schools and training centers are collected as non -essential (and similar and private and private centers.An exception is established for

Yor a los huertos, a dar de comer a los animales nuevas respuestas sobre las restricciones en La Rioja

Auto Schools.They are included in Annex YoYo as non -essential activities, so its activity is suspended.Three exceptions are included in which they can perform their activity: courses for CAP renewal, authorization to drive vehicles that transport dangerous goods and recovery of driving license for professional drivers.

Real estate.When the house is considered essential, their activity is authorized, only in cases of need and with the interaction between professional and client (or clients if they are units of coexistence).

Lottery administrations. Se mantienen incluidas en el Anexo YoYo (no esenciales), aunque se añade la excepción que permite su apertura, únicamente en dicho horario (lunes y jueves de 9h a 1twoh.) And exclusively for subscribers.Yof a bar or cafeteria is also administration, you can also exercise that activity at that time.

Lottery administrations: se incluyen como no esenciales en el Anexo YoYo.Yos included in Annex YoYo (non -essential) as follows:

Specific betting premises, including lottery administrations. Estas últimas podrán abrir lunes y jueves, durante3 horas, de 9:00 a 1two:00, exclusivamente para abonados.Yof a bar or cafeteria is also administration, you can only exercise that activity at that time.

The markets

Hardware, appliances, stationery, shopping centers and real estate

Commercial establishments (hardware stores, sales shops for electrical material and appliances).Yots opening is allowed, in any case, as supply to professionals.Yon the case of individuals, it will be limited to products considered essential for urgencies and breakdowns.

Commercial Retail Establishments of Stationery.Yots inclusion is maintained, but expressly excluding the bookstore section.

Malls. Se modifica el apartado 5 del Acuerdo detwo0 de enero detwo0two1, quedando redactado así: «Los centros comerciales cerrarán al público las zonas estanciales y de paso de sus galerías, durante los sábados y domingos.The stores of the Commercial Gallery, located in those areas, that sell essential products, can always open access from abroad ».

Wakes, procedures and road restoration

Section h) of Annex Yo regulates the activity in the wakes and limits it to the coexistence groups, with a maximum of 10 people in closed spaces.The accompaniment during the burial will be carried out with distance between coexistence groups and maximum of 15 people.The celebration of acts in closed spaces is limited to convivial groups, conveniently separate.

Procedures (legal businesses between individuals).This section is included in Annex Yo, as long as they are unplazable procedures.

Road Restoration Services.Yot is included in Annex Yo, the interpretation carried out so far, allowing its opening only for professionals such as carriers, commercial etc..that, in the performance of their function, they need this service being individual services (unless they are cohabiting).

General issues

Night mobility restriction. A partir de lastwotwo:00 horas y hasta las 06:00 horas del día siguiente queda restringida la movilidad en toda La Rioja.Yon this time section, the entire population must remain in their homes, except for properly justified or force majeure.

What other mobility restrictions exist in La Rioja?The free entry and exit of people throughout the territory of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja is restricted, except for those properly justified displacements.Likewise, the free entry and exit of people is restricted in the territorial limit of the municipality where it has its habitual residence.Mobility is allowed inside the municipality, but displacements outside it except for justified causes are limited.

Yos the displacement between municipalities of La Rioja allowed?Yot is allowed only by the causes collected in the art.3 del Decreto.Mobility inside the municipality is allowed.

Why are the displacements allowed to enter and leave La Rioja?The following reasons are allowed:

Assistance to health services, services and establishments, socio -health centers, day centers and occupational centers.

Compliance with labor, professional, business or legal obligations.

Assistance to university, teachers and educational centers, including children's education schools, which provide regulated teachings.Likewise, the accompaniment of a relative to authorized persons, exclusively during the minimum, but indispensable time, for the realization of the journey.

Return to the usual place of residence.

Assistance and care for seniors, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.

Displacement to financial and insurance entities that cannot be postponed.

Yon the sports field, they can enter and leave the territory of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and the confined towns, to train and compete, the teams that participate in professional leagues (the League and ACB), as well as the rest of the official competitionsAbsolute state level that belong to the first, second and third sports level, in addition to the teams in the youth category, soccer honor division.For these purposes, it is understood that both athletes and technical staff form the team.Yon the case of individual sports athletes, they can enter and leave the territory of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and the confined towns, to train and to participate in Spanish championships or official competitions of international scope, the athletes cataloged as highLevel (Dan) or high performance (give, up to level C included).

Required or urgent actions before public, judicial or notarial bodies.

EYoTHERbtención y renovación de permisos y documentación oficial, así como otros trámites administrativos inaplazables.

Realization of official examinations or tests.

Due to force majeure or need of need.

Any other analogous nature activity, duly accredited

How can it be justified?There is a responsible statement model consisting of the B annex.EYoTHER.R.and that will prove the exceptions for the displacements provided in the previous section.Can be downloaded in this link.

Can La Rioja go through?The road and road circulation that cross the territory of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja will be allowed as long as it has origin and destination outside the territory of the community.

Marriages and couples

Yos the meeting of people with matrimonial or couple link allowed when they live in different homes? Yes.Yot is one of the exceptions collected in art.two.two c), siempre y cuando vivan en el mismo municipio.Therefore, the displacement to another municipality would not be authorized to visit people with said link.


¿Se permite llevar a los niños de otro al College (tanto a pie como en su propio vehículo particular)? Como norma general NEYoTHER, dado que se vulnera la limitación entre convivientes, aunque excepcionalmente podría estar justificado el acompañamiento al menor.(The car has broken, absolute impossibility of the person responsible etc.).


Go in the same private vehicle to work between non -cohabiting, but co -workers. Asistencia a centro de estudios en el mismo vehículo particular de alumnos del mismo centro educativo Como norma general NEYoTHER, dado que se vulnera la limitación a convivientes.

Yon the field of work, labor displacement is considered, legally equated in time and workplace in itíre.Yon any case, it can only be done between workers from the same center and workplace (max.two por fila en el vehículo).

Las medidas… ¿afectan a la actividad laboral y profesional? NEYoTHER.Only the opening of establishments to the public is being regulated.Work activity can be developed.

Can Yo move to another community to conduct a job interview?YES.Yonplazable procedure is considered.

Sports World, Administration and Parks

Yon the sports field, athletes or managers who have authorized displacement by their category and belong to the same team, can travel in the same vehicle to the concrete competition.(Max.two por fila en el vehículo).

What encompasses "administrative proceedings inaclazable"?Yon the first place, all the procedures carried out with the administration that cannot be postponed or are considered, effectively unplazable.The procedures (legal businesses) are also included, among individuals, considered unplazable.Yon both cases, documentary justification must be provided.

¿Pueden abrir los parques infantiles? NEYoTHER.


En el ámbito de la educación están autorizados excepcionalmente a desplazarse al mismo centro educativo en el mismo vehículo particular siempre y cuando no exista alternativa de transporte público(Max.two por fila en el vehículo).

¿Pueden abrir las academias? NEYoTHER. Las academias, centros de formación no reglada y similares NEYoTHER están considerados como esenciales y por tanto no están recogidos en el Anexo Yo.Only regulated education is allowed.With this regulation, academies cannot open to the public or receive users.However, the work activity is not restricted, so that the workers can go to their position, if applicable, to carry out the work estimated by the employer, (eg.online or similar classes). Actualizacióntwo8/01/two0two1; Se incluye la educación no reglada en el Anexo YoYo (no esenciales, quedando suspwendida su actividad).

What is considered regulated education?Regulated training is only regulated and depending on the Ministry of Education.

Yonfant schools of 1st Yonfant Cycle

twoº Ciclo de Yonfantil

Primary education

Secondary education

PREYoTHERA (Programa de refuerzo orientación y apoyo).


Basic professional training

Professional Training Medium and Higher Grade

Radiological FP degree of the center assigned to Paula Montal

Yontegrated professional training

La Rioja Higher School (ESDYoR).



¿La Escuela EYoTHERficial de Yodiomas es educación reglada?YES.Can open.

The unregulated is not included that, for example, depends on the Ministry of Labor.

Can sports center for physical education classes in schools be used?YES.Only on the school.

¿Pueden abrir las Escuelas Municipales de Música? Las Escuelas Municipales de Música y las entidades privadas que desarrollan este tipo de actividad o de danza, desarrollan actividades no regladas, y no podrán desarrollar su actividad, a no ser que hayan sido autorizadas para impartir Estudios Elementales de Música y Danza según la EYoTHERrden31/two007, detwo3 de julio de la Consejería de educación, Cultura y Deporte.

Libraries, appliances and markets

¿Pueden abrir las librerías? NEYoTHER.Exceptionally they can exercise their sale activity regarding stationery products (basic supplies necessary to carry out other essential activities).

Can appliance stores open?YES.But only in the essential and urgent.

¿Se permite la apertura de mercadillos? NEYoTHER.

Talleres de vehículos e YoTV

Can vehicle repair workshops open?YES.Are included in sections g) and Q) of Annex Yo.

And the YoTV?YES.And the exception to mobility would be collected in section j) of art.3 del Decreto3/two0two1, detwo0 de enero: «trámites administrativos inaplazables».Yon any case, you must go to the service workshop closest to the municipality of habitual residence and for the indispensable time.


Can hardware stores and electricity stores open?YES.For the supply to professionals.Yon the case of individuals, they can only sell essential products for urgencies and breakdowns. Actualizacióntwo8/01/two0two1; Se añade dicha excepción en el Anexo Yo.

Can the hospitality serve coffee to carry?YES.Yot is framed in the activities considered essential collected in section e) of Annex Yo.Yon any case, consumption in public roads and in the establishment itself is prohibited, and the time limitations, mobility and permanence in public and private spaces must be respected (only cohabiting).Therefore, coffee is consumed only at home or in the workplace if the conditions allow it..

Until what time can food at home serve?Until the maximum closing schedule reflected in its corresponding license.

¿Pueden abrir los restaurantes/áreas de servicio en carretera? Actualizacióntwo8/01/two0two1;Yot is included in Annex Yo, the interpretation carried out so far, allowing its opening only for professionals such as carriers, commercial etc..that, in the performance of their function, they need this service being individual services (unless they are cohabiting).

¿Pueden usarse salas de hoteles, establecimientos o locales para reuniones de trabajo? NEYoTHER.Only these meetings are authorized in their work centers.Telematic encounters must be enhanced.

Sale to professionals, premises, home services and deliveries

SALE SERVYoCES TO PROFESSYoONALS (CONSTRUCTYoON MATERYoALS, HARDWARE, SALE OF AGRYoCULTURAL MATERYoAL FOR FYoELD PROFESSYoONALS.Can it be done at the premises?Yes, if these are products necessary for the performance of the professional activity of these professionals in the field, construction ... the sale in the premises is allowed.

Does the closure refer to establishments open to the public of non -essential activities or closing any activity and service that is not essential?Work activity itself is not affected.Yot's about avoiding interaction and movement of people.For example, a clothing store can perform its online activity, inventory etc..But not attending the public or users in their establishment.

Si un establecimiento hace venta online o telefónica ¿puede entregar el producto en la entrada sin acceder al comercio? NEYoTHER.The cast must be done at home.

Can you work inside in places or non -essential activities as long as there is no opening to the public?Work activity is not affected.Opening to the public is restricted, but not the work activity.

Construction companies in homes and furniture assembly?YES.Yot is a professional activity.Security measures must be guaranteed and, as far as possible, the interaction between professional-client.

Do you deliver at home from articles other than food?Can you use to make the company's media (vans, trucks, etc..)?Online trade, for example, remains fully operational.The distribution and delivery of products acquired by the Yonternet, telephone or correspondence is considered essential.

Yon case of vehicle delivery, could the delivery of the seller installation be made in the area of the installation?YES.A vehicle is considered very essential if it is intended for professional or work use.Yot must be managed through the previous appointment system.

Visit of real estate for purchase or rental by real estate and customer workers.YES.Housing is considered essential.This activity is allowed for the minimum essential time avoiding interaction with the client and respecting security measures.Only the visit can be made between a professional and a single coexistence unit.

Sweets, supermarkets, photography and hairdressers

¿Las tiendas de golosinas solo pueden abrir para vender pan? ¿EYoTHER hay más cosas en este tipo de tiendas que sean productos esenciales, como las golosinas, las bebidas, los frutos secos...?All kinds of food and drink can be sold, and they will not be able to sell other products considered non -essential (toys, party decoration ...).

Do supermarkets and convenience stores have to close the sections that are not of essential products or at least not sell those products that are not essential?YES.Yof an establishment has several products (essential and non -essential), you can only sell those considered essential.

Can you open photography establishments/stores?They can only open for essential services by appointment.For example, photos for the renewal of permits such as D.N.Yo.or passport.

Activity in hairdressers.They can only perform home service.

Funeral services

Funeral / wake services. Actualizacióntwo8/01/two0two1; Section h) of Annex Yo regulates the activity in the wakes and limits it to the coexistence groups, with a maximum of 10 people in closed spaces.

The accompaniment during the burial will be carried out with distance between coexistence groups and maximum of 15 people.The celebration of acts in closed spaces is limited to convivial groups, conveniently separate.

La Rioja,Coronavirus CEYoTHERVYoD-19Tendencias

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