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Hangs her balcony daughter as punishment, but the girl falls from the sixth floor and dies

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The frightful punishment of a mother could be the cause of the fateful death of a three -year -old Russian girl, who fell from a balcony and died instantly at 2018.The mother was arrested for alleged murder in Russia since the first investigations indicate that she decided to punish her girl hanging her from the terrace of an apartment building as punishment for the relentless cry of the child.

According to the police, the mother hung the girl from the balcony and grabbed her from the shirt until the clothes broke and the child ended up falling to the ground from a sixth floor.In a video in the possession of the authorities you can listen to the child, named Anastasia, begging her mother: "Mom, I am afraid" just moments before it fell from a height of 18 meters.

The mother, Anna Ruzankina, 23, appears moments later in a video inside the elevator of the impatient building to pick up the dead girl.The recording shows how Anna enters the elevator again carrying the body of the child to take her body to the sixth floor of the family in Saratov, according to Life News.

Cuelga a su hija del balcón como castigo, pero la niña cae desde el sexto piso y muere

Police investigation has determined that the mother had been in a nightclub drinking and that she got drunk home.A neighbor who passed through the place, whose silhouette appears in the video, contributed more details: "I heard the strong shouts from an upper and suddenly, I heard a sound of a fall," he said.Initially, the mother had affirmed that the girl had climbed to the balcony alone, but the video recordings show the opposite.

The mother faces a charge of homicide and faces up to 21 years in prison if she is convicted.

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