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How to lower fever to a baby: causes, symptoms and home remedies

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Effective ways to lower a baby fever

How to do...?

Fever is very common during the first three years of life, so we show you some tricks to lower fever to a baby and control its body temperature.

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The fever in infants is presented as a symptom of multiple disagrees in the body, and many times it is enough to control it, without more, since it is not dangerous if it does not pass certain limits.

We already saw how to lower fever in the case of adults with certain tricks and home remedies, now we will see how to lower the fever to a baby.

Fever in infants

Baby fever is not uncommon.The main causes of baby fever are inflammations and infections.For example, it is very frequent that fever is presented in babies in growing teeth, as a consequence of gum inflammation, and in that case you just have to control it and be attentive to not increase.

How to know if my baby has a fever

Cómo bajar la fiebre a un bebé: causas, síntomas y remedios caseros

Fever is an increase in body temperature above 37 degrees for a long time, which is associated with different causes.To identify it, it must be taken into account that the average temperature of the human body is around 36.5 degrees, but it is not stable throughout the day, but is lower in the morning and is increasing as the hours pass the hours.

Therefore, it is not enough to notice that the baby has taken temperature, but that it must be verified that this increase is maintained for a long time.To do this, you have to use the thermometer and check what the baby's body temperature is.The data is more reliable if they are taken from the rectum than of the armpit.

If the temperature is between 37 and 38 degrees, you can not talk about fever, but only about fever, and it will not be necessary to take any measure, it will be enough to make an appointment with the pediatric doctor if it does not return to the normal temperature in a few hours.If, on the other hand, the child remains at temperatures greater than 38 degrees continuously, you have to go to the doctor and, if it rises above 39 degrees, try to lower the fever immediately with one of the methods that we detaila little later.

Associated symptoms

The main symptoms are the following:

In any of these cases you have to go to the doctor, since all these diseases are of a certain gravity in babies, with the exception of the discomfort due to the growth of the teeth.

In general terms, in addition, you have to go to the doctor whenever:

How to lower the fever quickly

It is not always necessary to lower urgency fever, but in case there are several options, from drugs to the remedies proposed by popular wisdom:

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