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How to organize your closet or create your own dressing room without spending a lot of money (and without works)

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Autumn is coming. The cold is coming and you have to face the change of wardrobe: goodbye shorts and hello sweaters. It is not necessary to follow the Marie Kondo method to achieve the perfect order in your bedroom or dressing room. Thanks to some practical accessories (from distribution boxes to vertical hangers) your wardrobe will be organized naturally without you having to make an effort. Cómo organizar tu armario o crear tu propio vestidor sin gastar mucho dinero (y sin obras) Cómo organizar tu armario o crear tu propio vestidor sin gastar mucho dinero (y sin obras)

If you have space you can directly create a small dressing room at a very affordable price, with your own shoe rack, trouser hanger or bag rack. Combine the accessories and furniture as you like and you can design your dressing room even in the smallest space.

And it is that there are more and more accessories and light furniture to organize your clothes. You will not only save space, but time in the mornings. With a well-ordered wardrobe, you won't even have to search for clothes because you'll always have them in sight. Thanks to the t-shirt, pants or underwear organizers, you will store your clothes and fold them naturally, without even realizing it, just by placing them in their respective compartments. Because the magic of order can be achieved with good closet organizers like these:

closet organizer

T-shirts, polo shirts and even pants stored in a perfect fan. With these anti-humidity plastic trays you can not only save space, but your clothes will remain wrinkle-free. They can be distributed in cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and even carried in a suitcase. It is the most practical method to find the garment you want without disassembling your entire stack of shirts. Always at hand.

Koarbi organizers have a non-slip design and, thanks to the separation between trays, it allows air to circulate, avoiding humidity in the closet. Your shelves will be perfectly organized.

Buy it here for 24.95 euros

underwear organizer

It is one of the star products and one of the best sellers due to its simplicity and effectiveness. No more having your underwear drawer a mess. This fabric organizer forces you to place your clothes naturally, thanks to all its compartments.

It comes with three folding boxes intended for socks, bras, briefs and panties. Easily placed in drawers, shelves or in the closet. The pack consists of seven cells for bras, 16 cells for ties or underwear, and 24 cells for socks.

Buy it here for 16.59 euros

Hangers also vertical

Cómo organizar tu armario o crear tu propio vestidor sin gastar mucho dinero (y sin obras)

It is a simple option that saves a lot of space: the vertical hanger instead of the classic horizontal one, although it also allows this option. It is very practical to hang the pants and have them in sight. From having 10 hangers in the dressing room, there are only two, which can be placed in two different ways.

It is also designed for towels or various accessories: scarves or foulards, belts, ties, etc. Being foldable it is very easy to transport and can be taken on any trip.

Buy it here for 14.98 euros

Vertical underwear

It is the alternative to underwear in the night drawer: hang it vertically in your closet. It can be very practical. This double-sided hanging storage organizer was designed to store bras, underwear, and socks efficiently. It has a total of 36 pockets and measures 80 centimeters high by 47 wide.

Buy it here for 11.99 euros

cabinet hanger

These types of hangers are already a classic. In its four spacious pockets you can store accessories, shoes and clothes. It can be put in the closet or bathroom or children's room for them to store their toys as well. In addition to storing clothes, there are two small compartments for jewelry and accessories in the third pocket. Available in different colors and designs.

Buy it here for 14.99 euros

bag organizer

Too many bags? With just one hanger you can store eight bags without having to put them in boxes and that they are always in sight. If they are small, you can store more than one in the same compartment.

This practical and affordable organizer can be hung on a closet rod or coat rack. It is great value for money.

Buy it here for 6.95 euros

fabric shoe rack

Almost 30 pairs of shoes in this shoe rack of 1.60 meters. Simple and useful, it comes with a fabric cover so you can close it like a closet. An accessory to store your shoes and sneakers. Instead of storing them in boxes that take up a lot of space, with this compact shoe rack you can store more pairs and save space in any room.

It has an elegant and hygienic design thanks to its light, breathable and moisture-proof fabric cover. Very easy to assemble.

Buy it here for 24.99 euros

fabric wardrobe

Is your normal wardrobe not enough for you? Do you have space in another room? This fabric wardrobe is ideal as a storage accessory for clothes. 170 centimeters high by 167 wide, it provides a large capacity for storing clothes and, thanks to its roll-up cover, you will always have your clothes in view.

Dustproof and waterproof cover, it is made of durable fabric and has a zipper closure. The non-woven fabric is breathable and easy to clean. It is divided into sections that include shelving, a hanger section, and side pockets for your convenience. It is one of the best-selling storage products on Amazon for its great utility and value for money. It's available in various colors.

Buy it here for 40.99 euros

Double donkey coat rack

Another classic and alternative to the wardrobe. The typical donkey rack but with a double rod to store twice as many clothes. In addition, multiple pairs of shoes can also be placed on the lower shelf. Its steel tube is very strong and not easy to bend. Big and stable. It is an easy resource for any corner of the house. A loft style item.

Buy it here for 35.53 euros

pants holder

In varnished pine wood, this support to place your pants allows you to save a lot of space. It is anchored to the wall and has a capacity for 20 pants. Takes up as little space as possible. And with its mobile rods you can easily check them at any time.

Buy it here for 25.01 euros

storage bag

What to do with the summer shirts and pants that you are not going to wear until next year? You can store them in this storage bag under the bed. Shirts, t-shirts, clothes, shoes, sweatshirts, pants, etc. You can store anything and see it easily thanks to the transparent window on the front, so it will be easy to find any item.

It has two zippers to protect items from dust or insects. Its fabric is breathable and light. It can be placed under the bed or on top of a wardrobe. Very versatile.

Buy it here for 13.99 euros

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

All your jewelry in sight, just by opening the closet door or simply in front of your dressing table or anywhere in the room. This roomy jewelry hanger allows for storage on both sides. On one side, 18 velcro strips for you to see your necklaces, bracelets, hair ties, bracelets and other larger items. And on the other side, 32 transparent plastic compartments to store rings, earrings, hairpins or hair clips and other smaller items.

It has become fashionable, more than the jewelers or cosmetic bags of a lifetime. And its dimensions (67 x 44 cm.) allow you to have plenty of space to hang your longest necklaces and pearls without getting them tangled up.

Buy it here for 9.59 euros

The most pro jeweler

It is the jewel in the crown. The most professional jeweler for your jewelry and jewelry. And it succeeds on Amazon. With an elegant design, it has been inspired by the shelves of jewelry stores. Its finishes are very careful: the box is covered in high-quality synthetic leather and has a soft velvet lining.

It has 10 drawers. The seven upper drawers allow you to organize various jewelry or accessories according to your needs, while the three lower drawers serve respectively as a box for 10 watches, a box for rings and a box with 15 compartments. Fits everything.

Buy it here for 49.50 euros

For your belts and ties

A wall shelf that can hold wallets, glasses, and other small items on its top basket. With its eight hooks, it is specially designed to hang ties, belts and cords. Made of steel with a chrome finish, it is simple and functional.

Buy it here for 11.92 euros

cloth box

You can find as many uses as you can imagine. This pack of three boxes fits all and fits most standard shelves. It is perfect for organizing clothes and accessories. You can even put it on the nightstand as a new shelf for books and other items.

Its fabric is soft and breathable, as well as recyclable. Measuring 29.2x29.2x21 cm, these boxes support a weight of up to five kilos. They have great stability and durability.

Buy it here for 13.49 euros

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