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The (miraculous) dryer balls that reduce drying time, remove wrinkles and soften clothes naturally

By hollisterclothingoutlet 04/03/2022 914 Views

That electricity breaks historical price records is no longer a novelty, but the winter cold that has reached the Peninsula practically overnight is. The drop in temperatures and the rain that often accompanies them translates into problems when it comes to doing certain household tasks, such as laundry.

The fact that in Spain we enjoy an average of 2,500 hours of sunshine per year (the United Kingdom, for example, has between 1,200 and 1,600 hours) means that not all houses have a dryer. However, having this appliance is very advantageous, especially in winter, since we forget about the problem of having to plan the laundry depending on whether it is going to rain or not or having all the radiators occupied with wet clothes because it has surprised by a downpour.

If in this news we told you tricks to put the washing machine and save on the electricity bill, now we are going to explain what the balls of wool for the dryer consist of.


Wool dryer balls (or wool dryer balls) are an item present in many English and northern European homes. As its name suggests, they are balls of wool -usually from New Zealand sheep- the size of a tennis ball that, if placed in the dryer during cycles, reduce the drying time of the garments, with the consequent saving of Energy.

These dryer balls move throughout the dryer. By bouncing within the layers of clothing, they help to separate them and thus improve air circulation. A process that allows more hot air to circulate in the dryer and the water to be expelled more efficiently.

Wool also helps to absorb some of the moisture from clothing (this material is capable of absorbing 30% of its weight in water without being wet). Also, once the clothes are dry, the balls release some of that moisture, which helps reduce wrinkles in clothes.

Its use allows to reduce the drying time of garments between 30% and 50%. The higher the drying load, the more money you save because fewer cycles will need to be put in.

They do not contain plastics or chemicals, so they are safe for all skin types, even babies or people with sensitive skin. In addition, they can be used together with essential oils, becoming a natural alternative to softeners. They're also perfect if you have pets at home, as they capture pet hair without clogging your washer's filter. Its use also helps reduce static electricity from garments.


For small dryers, it is enough to introduce three or four balls in each drying cycle. For medium and large dryers, five or six balls. In any case, the manufacturers recommend using more balls the greater the volume of laundry for better results.

At BAZAR we have delved into the Amazon universe to find the best ones. Do not miss our selection.


Lahela brand drying balls are made from pure New Zealand sheep wool by Nepali families with fair and obtained working conditions. They are also cruelty free.

They come in a cotton bag with six units and stand out for their slight smell of sheep's wool, although they can also be used together with essential oils.

Simply add four to six balls to the tumble dryer along with the damp clothes and select the desired programme. With this simple gesture, you will reduce the drying time between 25% and 40%, with the consequent energy savings and benefits for the environment. They have a useful life of 1,000 drying cycles.

In addition, they are the best sellers on Amazon in their segment, they have a rating of 4.6 stars and more than 2,700 comments.

Buy them here for 15.90 euros.


Pack of six balls made with merino wool from New Zealand, including a bottle of essential oil of lavender and fleur de lis with the aroma of talc perfume. It is formulated entirely with natural ingredients so it is valid for use in baby clothes. You just have to add a drop of this scent to each ball, put them in the dryer and select the desired program to enjoy laundry with a pleasant talc scent.

It is formulated entirely with natural ingredients so it is valid for use in baby clothes.

Buy them here for 23.7 euros.


This pack of six balls of New Zealand sheep's wool includes two bottles of essential oil (green tea and lavender), which you can use indistinctly depending on the aroma you prefer your laundry to smell of, and some little sheep drawn on the surface.

Buy them here for 21.99 euros.


"Incredible. I have already used it four times and I am amazed. The first time I did not give it more importance because I put the normal time, luckily it is half automatic and it stopped before. The other times I have put it half the time and the My clothes stay the same as before I used the balls. I don't know how long they will last, but it makes up for it", says a user named María about this pack of six balls from the 8-Natur brand and slightly larger than other similar models.

Its use allows to reduce the drying time from 30% to 50% depending on the type of clothing. In addition, they are manufactured according to the highest standards of animal welfare.

Buy them here for 13.5 euros (15% discount).


Six handcrafted New Zealand sheep's wool drying balls. Introduced in each cycle, they reduce energy consumption by between 30% and 40%. They do not contain plastics or chemicals, so they are safe for all skin types, even babies or people with sensitive skin.

Buy them here for 9.99 euros.

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