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Lewandowski, after receiving the Golden Boot: "I admire Benzema what makes the team play"

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Robert Lewandowski collected, in an act organized by Bayern and ESM, the 20-21 gold boot that catalogs him as the best European scorer after his 41 goals in the last Bundesliga with the Muniqués team.The delivery was organized by the ESM, the European Sport Media, of which brand is its Spanish member.

After delivery, the Polish striker answered some questions.

Gold boot: "This is the prize for my effort and the whole team.I do not think of another one, because we just started the season and I do not play to achieve these awards ".

Lewandowski, tras recibir la Bota de Oro:

Benzema (brand question): "I admire Karim not only the goals he marks but how much he makes his team play.His work for the whole is what I like most about him.Is a great player".

Signing for Real Madrid in the past (brand question)."Yes, it is true that I saw myself with Florentino Pérez on a couple of occasions, one of them, after a game we played against them.But what happened in that talk I can not tell ".

His idol: "When I was young I looked at Thierry Henry, but my true referents were my parents, who sacrificed themselves to take me to train after working and tried not to be a football professional, but a happy child".

Try another league: "Right now it's not something in my head, since I'm focused one hundred percent in Bayern.There are always speculation, but I already face clubs from other countries in the Champions League.No more leagues are trying ".

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