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Los Javis, two hearts and a crazy wardrobe, full of color and without gender

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Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi form one of the most popular couples in the television industry. His fun, transgressive and prejudice-free style permeates each of his works and is also transferred to his personal style in all his public appearances. They are the fashion directors and can be described with four qualities: intelligence, kindness, talent and humor. Los Javis, dos corazones y un armario loco, lleno de color y sin género Los Javis, dos corazones y un armario loco, lleno de color y sin género

Passionate about the world of fashion, in 2019 they decided to create their own fashion company, with a concept where there are no seasons or genres, in a key made in Spain and also sustainable: “The ones we have done so far are very small productions. We have reviewed almost all the pieces one by one. All the illustrations have been done by Amanda Portillo. It is taken care of down to the smallest detail” explains Javier Ambrossi.

They want to stay away from the fashion system and flee from mass production, animal abuse and exploitation. The Javis consider themselves free people and their brand too, hence their name AS IF, an expression widely used among the international gay community.

Los Javis, dos corazones y un armario loco, lleno de color y sin género

It was a dream to be able to transmit their own style of dress and for this the actors have been involved down to the smallest detail as the other better half of the project, Javier Calvo, tells us: “We have made the pattern for each shirt, each jacket, each trousers. Everything is made according to what we like. We try things on and as we see them on we decide if we would like them to be wider in the sleeves or narrower in the waist. We are seeing what we like to include it in the collection”.

The prints are exclusive illustrations by Amanda Portillo and designer Carola Etchart has brought her years of experience in the fashion industry to launch a signature that expresses what the actors have inside of them. The next step in this project is the international launch thanks to multi-brand online sales platforms: “Zalando has helped us turn our small and humble brand into a big brand, with an impressive collection. People are going to love it."

A career in the world of fashion that has certain parallels with his artistic career, something that began in a simple way and has led them to become essential on the small and big screen: "It's the same thing that happened to us with La Llamada or with Paquita, very familiar projects among friends that later, little by little and thanks to the collaboration and participation of different elements, grow and win over the public. Well, the same thing is happening with our clothes,” Ambrossi tells us.

This is the creative universe of Los Javis materialized in a collection of retro garments inspired by the 90s and naive aesthetics: "It is a very comfortable and genderless collection. Above all, full colors, because we love colors. We run away from grays and beiges and all that. We're full color."

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi have become more famous characters than their own successes in theater, cinema and television. Everyone wants to work under the orders of this sentimental and creative couple, and even Tamara, Marchioness of Griñon affirms that she was her inspiration to shoot La Llamada. Everything they touch they turn into success and color.

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