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May this 2022 be a purpose to teach children to save

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According to the World Bank 51% of Mexicans were never taught how to manage their money, and of those who claimed to have received any guidance, 26% indicated that it was from their mother, 22% from their father and 7% from the teachers.

However, today the importance of teaching children the importance of saving will motivate them to be prepared for their future, whether they want to do part of their studies in a different city in the they live, or even abroad, for this they will already have a base to manage their expenses.

Consuelo Contreras, financial advisor explains that teaching the culture of saving is very important and should start from childhood, "a good option is to encourage children to do activities at home < /b>such as folding and arranging your clothes, washing the dishes, helping to clean some area of ​​the home, etc. and receiving an economic reward for it".

Consuelo Contreras, financial adviser. (courtesy)

​Suggest that the children be told that they can divide this money into two parts, one for the immediate expense they want to make and another for saving, and with They buy higher-value items, "so they can feel more incentivized to do so."

May this 2022 one purpose be to teach children to save

Regarding the option of opening an account at the bank, Consuelo Contreras explains that it is not the most recommended option due to the returns granted by banks, since they are very low and are not enough to protect money from inflation, therefore, loses its purchasing value over time, "there are other options, for example, there is opening a cete account for children, or creating a savings plan and leaving them as beneficiaries direct, among others; this will depend on the profile of each family".

He emphasizes that the important thing is to start, and teach children that the worst mistake we can make is having money under the mattress. "The best gift we can give our children is to give them a financial education that allows them to have economic freedom when they grow up. Also give them stocks or invest part of the money they were going to be given in toys."

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Explain that if what they want is a toy, the ideal is to compare prices, make purchases with free shipping or take advantage of interest-free month-long promotions or also make the comparison "sometimes parents get excited and buy the toy in the first store they entered and when they arrive at another, they realize that it was cheaper, so the ideal thing to do before buying is to compare. As parents, you have to teach children to answer the question, do I want it or do I need it? because sometimes we buy gifts that really are forgotten after two weeks, and then several thousand unnecessary expenses have already been generated" , he concluded.

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