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They rescue 3 minors in SLP; they lived among garbage and physiological waste

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The Municipal DIF rescued three minors who lived among garbage and physiological waste, in a house to the west of the Capital. The children were placed in the custody of their maternal grandmother after being checked by the pediatrician.

They are two girls, 8 and 12 years old, and a five-year-old boy, who asked for money to bring food to their family.

The finding of the little ones was recorded a few days ago when the direction of Ecological Management and Waste Management of the City Council of the Capital received a report from the neighbors to intervene a house in the Torres Bodet neighborhood, since it is a focus of infection by being full of garbage and material for recycling.

Three girls reported missing are located in an abandoned SLP house

When entering the house they found two girls who were wearing dirty clothes, barefoot and in their appearance completely neglected; They immediately informed the Municipal DIF, which, through its Office for Children and Adolescents, acted to contact the family network, locating the grandmother and a maternal aunt. In the first inquiries, another of the brothers was also located, a five-year-old boy who was in a nearby business asking for money to bring food home.

In the interview with the grandmother, she said that she was unaware of the situation in which her grandchildren lived due to little communication with the mother, but that she has under her care a 15-year-old adolescent and a baby of approximately three months of age, that his daughter left him in his care, which even up to now does not have a birth certificate.

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The Municipal DIF met all the needs of the case: the minors were reviewed by a pediatrician, interviewed by social workers and other specialized personnel from the Office of the Children and Adolescents Prosecutor and by their grandmother's own decision, the five minors were left under your safeguard.

They were given clothes, shoes, a mattress and a bed base, as well as a pantry for feeding the little ones.

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