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Sara Sálamo, "very angry" that no one taught her to "use her boobs" after her pregnancy Sara Sálamo, "very angry" that no one taught her to "use her boobs" after her pregnancy

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Sara Sálamo, just turned 30, is already the mother of two children, Theo and Piero. She is very active in networks, she usually denies the sweetened image that many give to pregnancy, something that she has also decided to bring up as a topic during her intervention in the Stretching gum podcast.

The actress became a first-time mother on July 11, 2019. Before even holding him in her arms, the interpreter was narrating her anecdotes, both the most sympathetic and the most painful, crossed throughout the process.

"When you are pregnant, the belly is still hard and the fabric falls in a certain way. But when the child leaves, the same belly remains, but that is soft," the interpreter commented.

Sarah Salamo,

And so tired of misinformation, she has decided to present her complaint without mincing words: "So, the clothes, everything feels terrible. Added to the hormonal shot that you are totally crazy, or I was totally crazy... I was very angry that No one would have explained that to me."

Isco Alarcón congratulates Sara Sálamo in the most special way: "I told you, I love you"

"And with having been in class for millions of years and they explained to me how the intestine works and they didn't teach me how to use my boobs, for example. Because to breastfeed there are postures with names: rugby posture, horseback riding... You have to empty the four quadrants so that you do not get mastitis, so that the fever does not rise...", he has expressed.

Dodging the macho attacks received day in and day out, especially about breastfeeding her children, the actress has launched a reflection: "At what point does the intestine go by itself and they explain it to you and this, that you have to know how to use it, They don't explain anything to you?"

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