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Subject offered exchanges to influencers to steal their accounts: "Send me naked photos and return it to you"

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Formalized is a 29 -year -old man, accused of extorting young people through social networks, specifically, on Facebook and Instagram platforms, the most used today by Internet users.

The Public Ministry said that the accused would have offered various advertising exchanges to influencers or users with more than a thousand followers and then kidnap their accounts and appropriate intimate photos.

One of those affected by this crime was Claudia, who in conversation with Lun announced the method used by this person to deceive his victims.In this sense, the woman explained that it all started by Chat.

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"I ended up being extorted"

Claudia clarified that the situation was generated during a weekend: "One Sunday I received a message on Instagram that said 'Hello, Claudia. I am contacting girls who have more than a thousand followers with the intention of sending them a breakfast in exchange for advertising'It was the first time they offered me an exchange. "

"More than starting an influencer career, I wanted to help this person who sold breakfasts. But in the end I ended up being extorted."

The 'modus operandi' of the accused

Sujeto ofrecía canjes a mujeres influencers para robar sus cuentas:

The sub -prefect Luis Orellana, head of Cybercrime of the Investigation Police (PDI), indicated that this individual achieved the passwords of his victims using an online form.In that document he would have requested some data from people and the creation of a password.

The woman revealed that that is when she fell into the trap, since she scored her "universal key", which she used in other social media accounts.

Meanwhile, the sub -prefect said that the form would have allowed the accused to read the passwords and that he only had to prove them to be able to enter the accounts, which often resulted in him.

"I supplanted my identity to earn money"

"I realized that I had lost my Instagram. Then I received a Facebook message. I was a man who told me: 'I have your account. I don't want money. Send me naked photos and return it to you. If you don't do it,I will publish your private photos, '"said Claudia.

The woman, dismayed by the situation, decided that "he was not going to send anything."After this answer, the victim said that the accused effectively committed the crime: "He uploaded a photo of mine in underwear to my Instagram. Then he continued uploading photos, both in publications and stories ... It was terrible, because I also discovered that the guy hadcreated false accounts to sell my photos. "

"To those who hooked, I sold my photos like 'Packs' (documents with intimate photos). Basically supplanted my identity to earn money," he said.

In turn, Claudia said that "I felt totally vulnerable. It gave me terror that those photos were seen by my 14 -year -old son."

Preventive prison for the accused

In relation to the alleged breakfast vendor, he was formalized last Monday before the 15th Santiago Guarantee Court.Within the framework of the investigation, intimate photos of at least 30 women on their mobile devices would have been found.

Judge Marcela Dattas finally decreed the precautionary measure of pretrial detention against the individual, ensuring that "as the prosecution pointed out, there are several background that allow us, unequivocally, that the accused had participation in quality."

The note informs an ongoing judicial process, so those involved should not be considered guilty until justice determines it.

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