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The best toys for four-year-old boys and girls

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We have selected five educational toys available on Amazon that stimulate the social and cognitive skills of the little ones

Paula Perez Miranda

Toys are essential in the growth stage of boys and girls, not only for all the entertainment and fun they offer but also for the educational role they have in helping the little ones to develop cognitive, social, motor and coordination skills.Best Toys for Four-Year-Old Boys and Girls The Best Toys for Four-Year-Old Boys and Girls

There are many toys and each one has specific characteristics for a specific age. Thus, if you think of toys for 4-year-old boys and girls, all those that bring them closer to learning writing, shapes, colors and emotions are perfect. And I know that it is a stage of growth in which children learn to imitate, interact and develop their imagination, so creative toys that stimulate these practices are also essential. Discover some of the best options for it in this selection!

Play food set for 4 year olds

This set of play food for boys and girls includes a total of 21 pieces among which you can find a watermelon, corn, milk, cheese, cereals, fish, eggs and many other ingredients to simulate a walk through the market or imaginatively cook numerous dishes.

The product is made of natural wood, which makes it very durable and resistant to possible blows or scratches. Without a doubt, it is a practical, beautiful and imaginative toy.

Meet Foods

There are also four basket-style wooden compartments in which each play food can be organized and stored. Thus, the little ones can develop the ability to count, classify and learn more about food.
Buy for €19.09 on Amazon

Toy for 4-year-old boys and girls from Diset

Educational game I learn to write with which boys and girls can practice their first strokes and learn to write the first letters in uppercase and lowercase as well as many other words in a simple and fun way.

The best toys for boys and girls from four years old

The toy has a desk-briefcase design in which 21 erasable/reusable sheets are stored (14 letter sheets and six drawing sheets), a marker and a sponge to erase and which is very useful for writing on the same and take it anywhere comfortably.

With self-correcting system

The desk has a light base that works with batteries (not included) and that acts as a self-correcting system projecting light on the sheet that is placed on top and showing if the stroke is being performed correctly. Without a doubt, it is an optimal reinforcement for learning to read-write.
Buy from €20.99 on Amazon

Wooden toy for 4-year-old boys and girls from Jojoin

Multifunctional and educational wooden toy for 4-year-old boys and girls. It consists of a double-sided drawing board in white (magnet) and black (blackboard), 110 magnetic pieces of wood, two pieces of chalk and a colored pencil. In addition, it includes an eraser to be able to reuse the space as many times as it is needed.

It is very useful when it comes to storing all the pieces and transporting it, since the board has enough space to store all the pieces and accessories.

Meet animals and emotions

This is a creative puzzle toy that contains 14 types of animals that have different facial expressions, with which the little ones can learn to communicate, to identify emotions and they also learn about animals and develop their creativity, since they can draw an imaginary scenario around the magnets and create stories.
Buy for €21.95 on Amazon

Toy for 4-year-old boys and girls from Nene Toys

Four-in-one toy for boys and girls with which they can make creative constructions, play Dominoes, take blocks from a tower preventing it from falling or making it even more difficult by removing the block indicated by the animal cards or the dice that are included in the game. Without a doubt, it is an interactive toy with numerous variants that allows you to share fun moments with the family.

It has been made with natural wood and non-toxic water-based paint, with a polished surface and rounded edges to guarantee the total safety of the little ones.

Develops coordination

This is a fun and educational option that stimulates creativity and reasoning in four-year-olds, helping them develop motor skills, recognition of colors and shapes, hand-eye coordination and also teaches them to identify pairs when playing Dominoes.
Buy from €19.99 on Amazon

iLight toy for 4-year-old boys and girls

A product with which four-year-old boys and girls can make vibrant light-up drawings. It is an educational blackboard that is perfect for fostering the creativity and imagination of the little ones in a different way.

The toy consists of a whiteboard with lighting, a magic pen that allows you to draw with real light and two templates of numbers and shapes that work as a support and help in learning to write and draw.

Luminous board

This toy stands out for its photoluminescent board, which catches light and allows drawings to be generated in the dark that last up to 15 minutes on the board before fade off. Thus, it is a totally original, creative toy that can be used in the dark to tell stories before going to sleep.
Buy for €16.99 on Amazon

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