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The Catalan fashion brand that drives Korean parents crazy

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Mataró's company prepares timeless garments from children's stories

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"We learned directly in the cinema," explains Adriana Espealba, creative director and member of the family that owns Bobo Choses, a children's fashion brand founded in Mataró in 2008.Specifically, it was Toni tió, head of communication of the company, who realized that the child of the movie Koreanapasitos, dressed in full of the brand in two scenes of the film.

"Although Bong Joon Ho had won the golden palm in Cannes, when he premiered in theaters he was not yet so well known," Tió explains.After identifying the scenes, the company contacted its distributor in Korea, the Suh-Yang company, responsible for the promotion in the Asian country, where the brand has great penetration.The garments are from the 2018 summer season, although there are still some pieces in the brand outlet.

"When the film won the Oscar, we contacted them through the official parasites Instagram and answered us with a direct message by saying that the whole team is very fan of Bobo Choses," explains Espealba.The good connection between the Korean public and the Catalan brand is not new;Since 2012, when the contract with the distributor was signed, the presence in the market has not stopped growing and is present in more than 50 multi -brand stores.

Unisex clothes

The Korean consumer is very advanced;For example, it does not distinguish between boy or girl clothes

“The Korean consumer, like Japanese, is very advanced.For example, they do not distinguish so much between children's or girl clothes, they wear creatures indistinctly, only with garments they like and make it funny, ”argues the designer and owner of the company."We could say that in Korea they are a more brave and more playful point than the Japanese, they like to get attention, be extravagant, but at the same time they are very sensitive and value more artistic concepts," he adds.

La marca de moda infantil catalana que vuelve locos a los padres coreanos

Adriana Esperalba explains the foundations of the brand, which have been maintained practically since its creation."Each collection has a title, associated with a story," says.For example, the garments that come out in parasites are from the Neverending Summer collection, and this year's name is Dance Romance.Other topics from previous seasons were We Cosmos and How to make a Garden."Our concept is to make clothes that are present in the children's universe, your questions and your discoveries," he argues.

For adults

"If you like clothes and fit, you can put it on," summarizes Adriana Espealba, creative director

But their collections are not limited to fashion for children and have developed a line called Growing Young, aimed at women and, since this year, also with a male line.“The idea is not a man or woman or child;If you like and fit, you can put it on, ”summarizes.In fact, it affects, one of the teams of Bobo Choses that the boy Park Da-Song wears, in the Spanish market it is from the girl's line.A philosophy that, surely, covers more in markets such as the Nordic and the Korean than in some European markets, much more traditional.As a result, their garments are timeless and very versatile, with simple patterns and stamped with a lot of personality.

Bobo Choses was born at the end of 2007 from the hand of Adriana Espealba and also designer Laia Aguilar, who left the project several years ago.Since its foundation, the brand jumped to international markets, such as Nordic and Japan countries.At the currentThe Spanish territory.The international business represents 95% of the total sales for the brand, which in 2019 the business volume of Bobo Choses in Spain barely represents 5% of its total turnover, which in 2019 exceeded 11 million euros.

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