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The Children's Place seeks to consolidate itself in Mexico with its famous children's fashion proposal

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The Children's Place, the largest children's clothing and accessories chain in the United States, opened its own store in the Parque Delta shopping center in Mexico City and, together with its partner Palacio de Hierro, expects to have 35 sales outlets in the whole country.

The Children's Place is a recognized American brand that has more than a thousand stores around the world and as part of its growth strategy, it opened its first two boutiques in Mexico through its franchise partner El Palacio de Hierro.

The Children's Place seeks to consolidate itself in Mexico as one of the most important children's brands with Palacio de Hierro, who exclusively manages the franchise in the country.

The Children's Place expects to be present in all Palacio de Hierro stores and at the same time continue to open stores inside shopping centers to reach 35 points of sale in Mexico in the medium term, although there is no specific date to achieve this.

"We will work with El Palacio de Hierro to open as many stores as possible in a short time," Matthew Boyd, director of international operations for The Children's Place, said in an interview.

He indicated that due to its proximity to the United States, The Children's Place is a well-known brand in Mexico, so he considered that this greatly helps the expansion of the company since the client knows the brand and the product.

The Children’s Place busca consolidarse en México con su afamada propuesta de moda infantil

The first unit in Mexico was inaugurated a couple of months ago in the Toreo Parque Central shopping center, north of the country's capital.

In addition to the two independent stores that it manages in shopping centers, The Children's Place already has three points of sale inside El Palacio de Hierro stores.

The first store-in-store was opened last January for the remodeled Palacio de Hierro Polanco flagship store; the other two are inside the warehouses of Interlomas and Santa Fe, in Mexico City, according to the company.

In this way, Grupo Palacio de Hierro announced that it contemplates the opening of 12 boutiques of various brands in Mexico during 2016, as reported by Carlos Salcido, marketing director of the firm.

"There has been an exponential growth of brands and we are being selective with which brands we ally ourselves. We want brands that add value to Mexican consumers," the executive explained.

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The Children's Place was founded in 1969 and is characterized by offering clothing, accessories, footwear and other items for children (0-16 years). Its products are modern, of high quality and at affordable prices, which is why it has positioned itself in the taste of consumers.

The brand offers a friendly shopping environment, and has differentiated departments, it also meets the wardrobe needs of boys and girls (4-16 years), as well as babies (12 months - 5 years), and newborns (0 -18 months).

In addition, The Children's Place stores are designed to visually appeal to consumers of different ages, as well as both genders.

"Having The Children's Place within El Palacio de Hierro represents a very important opportunity to expand our offer to our clients," said Carlos Salcido, Chief Marketing Officer of El Palacio de Hierro.

And he added: “We believe in importance, quality and fashion; characteristics of the brand, and we are convinced that it will be a great success for our Mexican consumersA fun and innovative proposal from The Children's Place”.

For her part, Jane Elfers, president and CEO of The Children's Place, pointed out the importance of reaching Mexico supported by a brand like Palacio de Hierro.

“We are very pleased to partner with El Palacio de Hierro, as it is a company that has a long and outstanding track record in operating successful brands,” said Ella Elfers.

And she concluded by saying: "This is one of the important achievements we have achieved in our international franchise business, and we will continue to focus on offering fashion and quality to children around the world."

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