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The diphthful nation in mass concentration waters: What dangers do we expose ourselves?

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Contaminated waters and mass concentration pools can be the focus of infections, both for adults and children, warned health specialists of the Hospital de Clínicas.

The message is conducive to this summer and extreme heat season, since the famous spas, beaches and public pools began to enable, where the bathers enjoy the sun and take a dip to cool off.However, they are exposed to contracting bacterial infections and other types, which can affect the skin, eyes, hearing a hearing-garganta;as well as the focus of gastrointestinal problems.

The clinical doctor José Gómez Cantore explains that it is highly feasible to contract conditions when coming into contact with natural channels such as rivers, streams, lakes and lagoons, being able to be diagnosed later with dermatological infections, gastrointestinal problems, hearing and throat conditions;as well as infections and irritations in the eyes by the presence of bacteria and polluting agents.

Gómez Cantore says that the same thing happens in public, social and sports pools, in which a large number of people are concentrated;In addition to polluting agents, chemicals used to “treat” water can also cause irritations and infections.

“Contaminated waters can easily infect due to the presence of bacteria, even more when there are leather lesions or wounds, or in the event that people are carriers of some basic pathology, such as diabetics;They are more liable to transmission of infections and fungi, ”said Dermatologist Romy Giardina.

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Eyes, ears and throat

The ophthalmology specialist Juan Carlos Ginés said that both the waters of natural channels and of mass concentration pools can cause eye irritation, as well as infections.“Both bacteria, and chemicals used to purify water can cause irritations and eye infections, such as conjunctivitis and others;In addition, in the case of pools that are treated there is no certainty of a 100% effectiveness on water purification, ”he explained.

Ginés recommends extreme precautions and wearing water lenses, which serve to protect the eyes, in addition to taking into account the sanitary recommendations on the fit or enabled sites for the bathroom.

Another common condition is summer otitis or external otitis, which is an inflammation that affects the skin of the outside of the ear and its appearance is directly related to the bathroom on beaches or pools."External otitis is one of the cases that are most observed per day in offices of the Chair and Otolaryngology Service of the Hospital de Clínicas, which occurs as a result of the entry of water to the ear," said Dr. Carlos Mena Canata.

Pharyngitis or pharynghamigdalitis also appears in this season, which due to excessive heat becomes inevitable, due to the consumption of very cold drinks, which often cause some irritation in the throat;Thus, the sudden climate changes that are increasingly common and the use of air conditioning, producing a cold to cold heat shock in the nostrils and throat.In these cases, medical consultation is also advised in order to rule out other types of deeper infections.

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• Moderate the time of permanence in the water: a child should not spend more than 20 or 30 minutes in a row in the pool.You must rest outside the water at least 30 or 40 minutes before swimming.

• Do not get the ears in the shower and never wash the auditory duct with soap or shampoo.

• Before very rebellious otitis, the doctor may recommend the use of plugs or solutions that help restore the auditory duct pH.

• Do not use swabs to clean the ear, because the earwax is its natural protection;On the other hand, this habit can cause injuries to the auditory duct and even on the eardrum.You can only clean the atrial pavilion (the ear).

• Consult a specialist if the child complains with itching or ears, especially if it has been exposed to excessive humidity or has used swabs.

• Apply one or two drops of borted alcohol on the affected side, move the ear in order to help the entry of the drops and leave act.

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