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The European Parliament returns to Strasbourg with Morocco and the Covid passport

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In this second week of June 2021, the European Parliament (PE) is back in Strasbourg.

After almost a year and a half holding the plenary sessions in Brussels -eating the rule mandated in the Lisbon Treaty (TL) to celebrate 12 plenary per year (that is, at least one every month, lasting one week) at its headquartersof Strasbourg, Alsace, symbol of the Franco-German reconciliation from which the European construction process starts-the PE has resolved to return to its second citadel, re-mobilizing the Eurodiputad@s army, officials and interpreters that have been forMore than 40 years - from its first direct democratic election, in 1979 - we come to this city to discuss the legislative and political agenda of European today, voting on each matter.

In this Plen of the PE highlights an issue on which I have thoroughly used as president of the Commission of Libertads, Justice and Interior of the PE (LIBE) and as a legislative rapporteur for the emergency procedure: the definitive approval of the EU Digital Covid Certificate(journalistically known as "Covid Passport") for free movement, with an eye on restor.Mm.) Give.

Also a second singularly relevant matter in the Spanish perspective has made its way in the plenary.It looms, roughly, in the unusual episode caused by a strategic neighbor of the US - the kingdom of Morocco - on an outer border of the EU, the Spanish city of Ceuta, which turns out to be, with Melilla, the only land border ofThe EU with the African continent.


The political and diplomatic crisis abruptly unleashed by Morocco has obtained a European alignment response with Spain.Quickly and effectively, the main decisive institutions of the EU -Consojo (President Michel), European Commission (President von der Leyen, VDL), PE (President Sassoli) -immediately reacted to the Moroccan offensive in Ceuta -Senguida of another, brief, in Melilla- ensuring an unequivocal unity in the response.As a consequence, it is a fact that has been the kingdom of Morocco who has suffered a reputational cost.

El Parlamento Europeo vuelve a Estrasburgo con Marruecos y el pasaporte covid

Rabat's decisions - Palacio, Mohammed Vi- do not often lend themselves to univocal or linear political interpretation: the reading of their intentions and objectives is not, in general, transparent or mechanical;But there are few doubts that, on this occasion, the Moroccan government has had to reculate after having played the letter of direct pressure that so many times in the past has proven to be effective in the prosecution or progress of what it estimates that it isHis most urgent and priority national interest: a change in the position of Spain and the entire EU on their sovereignty in the "marroquinity" of the Western Sahara, a territory on which, as is known, a contentious in international law with humanitarian components with humanitarian components, regional security and use of economic resources (fertilizers and fisheries).

It remains now, after the swell, a wide margin ahead for the desirable recomposition of mutually profitable cooperation relations between the EU and Morocco within the framework of its strategic association agreement;And, particularly, for the restoration of an animated interlocution for the recovery of trust between the Alauí and Spain kingdom, inexorable neighbors, for which it is as convenient as inevitable to live in mutual respect and balance.

But the question of Ceuta raised by Morocco also links with other matters of scope and wingspan, agilely incorporated into the age of the day of the PE -confirmResolution- for its discussion for plenary in Strasbourg.

A first dimension concerns the nature of the crisis in Ceuta (followed by a ponytail on the border of Melilla): from the DSE in the PE we have used energy in explaining that we do not be strictly.And not, obviously, because there are no, among the thousands of people who dramatically crossed the distance around the breakwater that divides the Moroccan coast of the beach of El Tarajal, human beings who crave a better life with opportunities in front of their currentHorizon of frustration or occlusion, as well as, surely, those who come from areas of oppression to which they cannot return with guarantees of safety and integrity, but that it is evident that their arrival in Tropel did not respond to an unpredictable bursting of breakdowns but to apolitical decision, marked tactical character, from the Moroccan police authorities, who incited them to the effort.A second dimension is the one that specifically attains vulnerable children who were instrumentalized in a far -fledged pressure exercise.

The outrage caused in Spain by this "use of children", abuse and/or violation of their most elementary human rights, with such a shocking contempt for their dignity as national by the Moroccan authorities that should prioritize their protection and their “superiorInterest ”For being minors, he has resonated throughout the EU: the echo of that reproach expressed himself at a monographic point on Thursday morning of this full of Strasbourg, in which I participated.

But, in addition to this consideration certainly obliged, the situation in Ceuta and Melilla -with its extension forced to the situation that has been lived in the Canary Islands for more than a year, in coincidence not accidental with the Covid pandemic and the restrictions imposedTo connectivity, profile this route as the most dangerous and deadly of migration to the EU-, it raises the imperative urgency of undertaking the new migration pact and asylum proposed by the VDL Commission (in legislative process in the PE).And do so by combining its external dimension (cooperation with countries of origin and traffic of migrants) with its internal dimension (once the binding solidarity and the shared responsibility of migrations and asylum).

But both go through the integrated management of exterior borders, which are not only from the US.Mm.With coasts in the Mediterranean or (Canary Islands) the Atlantic, but are the outer borders of the EU: Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands...Border territories, yes, but Europeans, of whole body, in which only one response that assumes that its coasts and its beaches are like the Strasbourg headquarters to which the Peop.

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