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‘The disorder you leave’: Do children have to help domestic tasks?

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We have all been children and adolescents and we have been able to live without problems with the chaos that reigned in our room, with dirty clothes on the floor, with the tables full of papers and an abandoned zulo ventilation.This shit tolerance disappears when you become a father, but it is genetically transmitted to your children, who honor the tradition of dirtying and disordering everything possible.

Sisypho's myth tells us about a man condemned to push a rock to the top of a mountain, but the rock always falls and he has to go down to pick it up and push it again.Many feel like this when we make the sweeps of broom truck collecting and ordering toys abandoned by children throughout the house.

Some pragmatic will tell us that we leave the junk on the ground, because you cannot disorder what is already messy, and it makes no sense to run out in a task that will have to be repeated the next day.

Let's see: It is true that if we do not collect the tables on the table it may be that visiting insects arrive, but flies and ants pass from toys.The point is that disorder not only stress, it can be deadly.Not by Zen or Feng-Shui rolls, but because when we walked to the baby at dawn with the lights off to fall asleep again, we have all slipped or stumbled with pencils, markers or toys that prepared an ambush.

‘El desorden que dejas’: ¿tienen que ayudar los niños en las tareas domésticas?

And let's not forget the spots section.Yes, that the washing machine is more or less responsible for this -at cheap schedule, please -but what drives a child mind to clean your mouth with your sleeve or dry your hands on the shirt, having some some some someBeautiful and abandoned napkins?

The normal thing is that at certain ages the children are gradually responsible for their housework, which translated into paternal language is the spell, "or collect your shit or throw everything".

But it is not something that arises spontaneously.And unless the creature pursues a ultimate goal as gifts, chucheías or watching TV, and quickly will be pleased to please us, the most normal is that the proposal is rejected and opens a time of debate or controversial negotiation.

If they say that a habit needs 21 days to impose itself, however playful we paint it, if they refuse or take to act, in the end we have to control ourselves so as not to end up snorting and doing the management because we are going faster.

On the Internet you will find many tasks recommendations according to age, from keeping toys, to dress alone, prepare your backpack or bathe without drowning.All these actions empower them and lighten us something to us, but until they are totally autonomous we would settle for them to value and appreciate the service of "24 hours" butlers ".

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