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The perfect gift for Christmas-Magisnet

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After a year as rough as this, we want you to have a wonderful Christmas and, of course, accompanied by the perfect gift. But to complicate it a little further, it seems that this year it will be even more difficult to find some of the most demanded, given the logistical problems...

You want to hit it this year? My proposal is very simple, forget to look for toys, clothes, accessories or other things that can be bought with money, and try to make an emotional gift.

Close your eyes and think about when you were little, what was it you liked most about Christmas, what do you remember the most? Maybe it's not so much the particular toy they gave you, but the time you spent with your family, your parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins... It is therefore a matter of looking for things that will make everyone, our children, family and friends feel good.

El regalo perfecto para Navidad - Magisnet

The other day I saw a cartoon of the great "72 kilos" that said, "I wanted to change this bag that you gave me for 10 afternoons together."

What do you think? How many of us would change the bag? Living situations that bring pleasant or positive emotions are engraved in our memory with a greater intensity than a gift.

What is children's favorite game?

If we did a survey of all the children in the world, and asked them, what's your favorite game? What do you like to play the most? What do you think they're going to answer us?

I like my dad or my mom playing with me. Let's not forget this during this Christmas or during the rest of the year. Let's look for activities to do as a family, to spend "quality time" together. No study tells us that having more things or more toys correlate with happiness.

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