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The rise of the second hand: almost 200,000 Gallegos already sell items used online

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According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), 11.9% of Galician Internet users were paid for second -hand online sales users.They were 45.000 more than in 2017.

Experts agree that it is not a passenger fashion.The background is a greater environmental awareness that derives in eagerness to reduce the waste generated.A clear example is the textile industry.Despite being one of the most pollutants, 80 are sold every year.000 million new garments worldwide.Electronic items also use potentially dangerous components for the environment.


"The second hand is a sustainable solution.Do not throw everything seems to me an act of social responsibility: walking in the direction contrary to wild consumerism, ”explains Elisa, a vigues that premiered two months ago in the online sale.

But environmental awareness is not the only reason that moves many Galicians to get rid of second -hand items that do not use."Earning money also encourages," says Elisa.

El auge de la segunda mano: casi 200.000 gallegos ya venden artículos usados por internet

There is another factor that has contributed to the rise of the sale online and that has been accentuated during the pandemic.During the confinement many Galicians, locked at home, decided to clean the cabinets and realized that they accumulated useless objects."We have too many things stored.With the birth of two children, who force you to reorder the house and the lack of space in a floor, you realize something: everything you have not put or touched in the last two years has many options to continue there for othersso many, ”says Elisa.

In Galicia during the pandemia almost 8.000 Gallegos more have joined online sales of second -hand items, according to the INE.

The best selling

Clothing, electronics, furniture, accessories and baby items are the ones that are most bought and sold online.The children's clothes that remained small, the cradle or the stroller before was inherited by the brothers or the cousins.But now families are getting smaller and there are fewer children.Therefore, the option is to sell it.It was the case of Elisa, who, not having who to give her girl's clothes that had been released decided to sell it, but also from Maria, from A Coruña, who even sold some of her son's toys, like an almost new scooter.

Maria, in any case, represents another very different profile, although also quite common, among fans of second -hand products."I work in the fashion world.And what I am looking for is the vintage, the authentic, the original, ”he explains.It is defined as "a collector".Look for old watches, accessories and is a lover of jeans.To do this, it resorts to platforms where reduced luxury items are offered and where “authentic jewels” can be found: from an old rolex by 3.500 euros to a Christian Dior bag of the 70s for 595 euros.

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