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They go for more than 9 km of toys for Reyes - Free Zone

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Guanajuato, Gto. El organizador del proyecto capitalino ‘Kilómetro del Juguete’, Gerónimo Yebra, informó que la meta de recolección para este año es superar los 9 mil metros que alcanzaron en enero de 2021, a pesar de las dificultades por la pandemia.Van por más de 9 km de juguetes para Reyes - Zona Franca Van por más de 9 km de juguetes para Reyes - Zona Franca

Every December, Yebra installs a tent in the pasture zone, where you receive volunteer toys and are accommodating them in a row that is measured in kilometers.On January 6, toys are organized in packages to distribute them in communities and colonies of the capital where the Magi do not arrive.

He shared that they have been organizing the collection for 23 years, with the intention that no boy or girl is left without gifts for these dates.

Van por más de 9 km de juguetes para Reyes - Zona Franca

He explained that in four days they visit 92 communities and colonies of the capital to distribute gift packages, and that in 2021, despite the most strict confinement and social distance policies, there was no greater impact on the results.

In January of this year they visited 118 communities, colonies and neighborhoods of Guanajuato.

He said that people who want to donate, can also wear clothes, coats, shoes and blankets.The condition is that they are in good condition or are new products.You can also donate sweets, he added."Children in the mountain communities ask them very much."

The reception of donations is from 9 in the morning until 11 at night in the tent that is in the pastures, and added that if it is more night there is a watchman who can receive them.

It is also possible that the families that need it, carry the letters for their children's wise men.They are received in the tent until January 1, so that children can collect their gifts on 5. He informed that to date they have received 47 cards.

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