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Toy Hospital, a mission for happiness based on solidarity. What is your opinion about this note?

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“A donation with commitment, knowing who it reaches, is to donate with the heart, it is to donate with respect” explains Silvia, the founder of this great toy hospital. Her mission is to reach all the boys and girls most in need, so that they too can enjoy the company of a toy that makes them smile every day. With creativity and solidarity as one of the main pillars, Silvia and her helpers fix and assemble toys that people donate to them in order to reassign them to a new home, a new boy or girl that makes them come alive while they play.

They unite two jobs that are essential today, solidarity and care for the environment, since by taking and fixing the elements that they donate, they start a great recycling and reuse mechanism. Silvia also told us that all those pieces that cannot fit or be fixed are given to Liliana Cáceres, who has her art and design workshop called "Nothing to lose" in which they build objects of various kinds from waste materials. .

Toy Hospital, a mission for the happiness based on solidarity, what is your opinion on this note?

For this Christmas the work is finished and they are preparing for future deliveries. They hope that next year will bring more donations since they have decreased considerably in recent times, but the number of children who need them does not decrease. Silvia invites everyone who wants to donate or help in the workshop, they receive clothes, school supplies and, of course, toys.

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