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The Culiacán Clothing Bank urges to continue supporting with donations

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Guillermo Hernández, director of the Bred Culiacán, shared that so far this year, they continue with this permanent campaign, inviting the entire community to donate what they have at home that they are no longer using and that it is in good condition, to be able to be able tohelp the most needy.

“We are receiving clothes, footwear, furniture, toys, home items, appliances, painting, tools.We practically continue working as a collection center receiving all donations, as long as they come in good condition, so we invite you to continue adding to this cause, ”said Hernández.

He indicated that during the pandemic and to date, they have not stopped their aid operations, which is still needed, because there are still people who require not only food, also clothes and other needs in their home.

Exhorta el Banco de Ropa de Culiacán a seguir apoyando con donativos

Hernández explained that there are several ways to donate, the first is going to its facilities located in front of the International Airport of Culiacán, in the Altos de Bachigualate neighborhood;Another way to do it is through metal containers where they can get and leave their donation of clothing and footwear at any time.

These containers are located, inside and outside the Technological of Monterrey, and in spring.

One more option is to collect the donation from your home or company, calling only on the phone (667) 7133057, a visit is scheduled and the donation is collected, especially when they are large furniture.

Hernández said they recently made a donation to the Civil Hospital, carrying some protective supplies such as masks, covers, this in coordination with the Rotary Club Culiacán Tres Ríos.

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