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VALENTiNA revolutionizes 'Black Friday' with seasonal garments from €1

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The brand VALENTiNA, based in Elche, is preparing a 'Black Friday' never seen before: a continuous live broadcast for its followers will report the whirlwind of orders and the garments that are selling the most, live

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Diana Arrastia

It was born and succeed. She came into the world in 2015 and conquered with her fashion made for real women, whatever size they wear. She was surprised by her ample size, inclusive to say the least: from size 34 to size 48/50. She was surprised by her low cost prices: her garments inspired by the latest trends cost between €20 and €30. And now he is leaving us again, very gladly, with his mouth open: this Black Friday, the VALENTiNA phenomenon promises to gain more strength than ever.

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The VALENTiNA phenomenon: the Spanish company that dresses women of all sizes at a 'low cost' price

Diana Arrastia

beautiful and happy women

VALENTiNA revoluciona el ‘Black Friday’ con prendas de temporada desde 1€

The promotion is the starting signal for the Christmas campaign and, like all of VALENTiNA's, it has a very clear objective: that women go out and celebrate, that they premiere, that they live. That all the women of the world, during Black Friday and the other days of their lives, can go shopping avoiding the annoying sign of 'special sizes'. And that they can buy the clothes that best suit them, the ones they like the most, being able to be fashionable and stylish at an affordable price. They have succeeded: the Spanish firm receives, every day, dozens of messages from women excited to have regained hope and joy, to feel beautiful again.

What if the web crashes? Perhaps you have asked yourself, because with such a phenomenon and these knockdown prices, it can happen. At VALENTiNA they have studied it: a scalable server system ensures the success of all purchases. In fact, in other promotions, the VALENTiNA online store reached peaks of more than 13,000 people and, at no time, neither the speed nor the browsing experience of its users varied. The company is so sure of the technology it uses that it hopes to break its own record: exceed 10,000 orders in the first 24 hours, moving more than 30,000 garments.

Fashion with local design

100% of the VALENTiNA collection is designed in Elche (the firm works at a rate of about 20 new references per week) and 90% of the garments are made in Europe.

In addition to clothing, it also offers footwear and all kinds of accessories. Even a line of stationery. This Black Friday even VALENTiNA Beauty, its flagship beauty line, is included in the promotion: 100% of the collection will be at incredible prices.

The Spanish fashion firm that continues to celebrate its triumphs began its adventure six years ago. He did it using a table and a chair in a coworking center, and an investment of €200. Two years and four moves later, it changed the coworking space for a 5,000 m2 warehouse and a 1,600 m2 office, at its central facilities in Elche (Alicante).

If we talk about figures, in its first year it managed to invoice €28,000. Now, VALENTiNA plans to close 2021 with a turnover of close to 12 million euros in Spain alone. And the fact is that the brand has just started its international expansion in Portugal. A success that VALENTiNA wants to celebrate and share with its clients on a historic Black Friday.

How to sign up for VALENTiNA's 'Black Friday'

VALENTiNA's 'Black Friday' will open its website today the 17th around 10:00 p.m., although they will notify their clients by email (link) of the exact moment when these juicy promotions kick off. The live show will accompany his great price party on VALENTiNA TV on the 18th, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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