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With an empty chair and a missing gift: parties remove wound in search engines

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Luz ZárateCon una silla vacía y un regalo faltante: fiestas remueven herida en buscadores Con una silla vacía y un regalo faltante: fiestas remueven herida en buscadores

Many relatives, I have companions who did not even have dinner, who do not have a celebration, is something that changed everyone's life.We change our lives totally, that emptiness affects everything and everyone, in my case my nephew is missing and my soul split my brother suffering, my sister -in -law, they are wrong, ”said a search engine who longs for the appearance of his nephewJonathan Alan García Hernández.The day of his disappearance on October 25, 2018, his family was 18 years old.

On December 20, the members of the Search Project collective, staged a Christmas dinner with empty chairs, where the absent were their loved ones who have not returned home and that in some cases turn one more year they are not.That day they made a list pass of 67 missing people and 7 who were found lifeless.

Olimpia, talked that every day there are more disappeared, but they do not lose faith and will continue to seek.She asked that the phenomenon of the missing be visible and society realizes that every day the figure grows, most are young and young.

The search engines highlighted that each missing person has a face, had a story until the day they disappeared and in almost all cases there is a family that last December again was waiting for them, because faith and hope persist.

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Con una silla vacía y un regalo faltante: fiestas remueven herida en buscadores

“There are thousands of families from missing families, we have a lot, which instead of reducing the number of missing people, this situation is growing daily, there are many desiccation families, many children who stayed without a dad or a mother”

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And when a family member dies the pain is very strong and the absence hurts, but when a relative disappears it is like "dying" in life, because it is not known if he is alive or where he is, and that feeling wears physical, mental andEmotionally not only the couple, children, parents, but to the whole family, friends and acquaintances.

They seek to take smile with a toy to children of disappeared

The "search project", "Light and Justice" and "Butterflies flashing looking for hearts and justice" are making a collection of toys and clothing to deliver on January 6 the children of missing persons;Whoever wishes can contribute economic donations that will serve for the purchase of Kings Day gifts.

There are currently 67 children who have been left without the presence of a mother or dad or both because they are missing from municipalities such as Apaseo El Alto, Apaseo el Grande, Cortazar, Juventino Rosas, Celaya, Villagrán, San Luis Potosí and a minor of Chiapas.

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New or used toys are being requested-but in good condition-as well as babies for 8 months and boys and girls up to 11 years of age.

The intention of the members of the groups that are promoting this collection is that the children of the missing people do not remain without a gift and continue with the illusion of the Magi.

Those who wish to donate toys or clothing can do so on Gómez Farías #150 street in the Resurrection neighborhood, but also have the account 4152 3136 6726 3268 in BBVA.

“We are raising toys or financial support for the purchase of toys for children who remain without any support from the dad or in any of the cases of both, who have no support for these days, or do not have for toys.We have the case of a mother who is pregnant, has five months pregnant, has a 5 -year -old boy, raised her husband and has no support.We have another case of a young girl who took the police as husband, disappear and have two 8 -month -old twin, she can't even work, she has diaper, milk needs, in this case it is something symbolic that they have to be given even thoughBe small children, ”said a search engine.

This Monday the representatives of the Collective Search Project went to the municipal presidency to receive the donation of toys from the municipality, however they still need more help and ask for the collaboration of the citizenship.They will be receiving donations until January 5.

“They are the first toys that we have donated by the presidency, but I see that this culture of support in society is missing, even if it were not for these children, there are many children where there is extreme poverty, that we make awareness that a granite, a weight or two pesos that overcome you, can help you give a little joy for those children. ”

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