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Woman diverted a minor to punish her excessively in Corozal, Sucre

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A citizen complaint was in charge of viral on social networks a terrible video in which a mother takes away her daughter's clothes and then giving her a wild beating.

In the recording of the new case of child abuse, which occurred in the municipality of Corozal (Sucre), it is observed how the blatant woman refers to her little daughter leaving her only in underwear and tells her strong things screaming.

The girl tries to seek refuge in another woman present at the scene, because the child is terrified of seeing her mother scream and with a flip in her hand, which is why the little girl begins to cry.

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Mujer desvistió a menor de edad para castigarla desmedidamente en Corozal, Sucre

With unleashed fury, the violent woman strongly takes her daughter's arm, pulls her against the floor and begins to hit her brutally, while the minor shouts desperately.Although, more people were witnessing the aggressive act, nobody stopped the situation simply recorded the facts.

The Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), spoke after having knowledge about the unheard of fact and through a statement he informed that: "The Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) appointed a Family Ombudsman team to verify the factsof abuse against a girl in Corozal, Sucre ".

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