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Armed group enters the community of La Pila, southeast of the capital of San Luis Potosí COVID: the teacher arrested for vaccinating a 17-year-old student in the US

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Armed men who identified themselves as Operation Warfare (OB) announced their raid on the municipal delegation of La Pila, located southeast of the capital of San Luis Potosí.

In a video broadcast on social networks, you can see a dozen men with their faces covered, military clothing, carrying long weapons and in front of the sign with the name of the delegation.

One of them speaks up and denounces that the commander of the Municipal Police has ties to organized crime and that he is on his payroll.

They question whether the 'Ministerial Cartel' had not already ended.

He points out that the armed group came to clean the streets and remove the "filthy gulfs" from the area; he says that they do not kidnap, collect fees or extort money.

Miguel Gallegos, spokesman for the State Security of San Luis Potosí, pointed out that there is no complaint about the criminal group, but that work is already underway and the investigation folder is made up.

Grupo armado incursiona a la comunidad de La Pila, al sureste de la capital de San Luis Potosí COVID: la profesora arrestada por vacunar a un estudiante de 17 años en EU

He added that due to the characteristics of the appearance it is the responsibility of the Attorney General of the Republic.

Gallego stated that once the video was released, there was an immediate reaction from the municipal police corporations, the Secretary of State Security, Sedena, the National Guard and the prosecutor's office; however, they were not found at the scene.

"We presume that this criminal group made the recording days before, moments before and was not necessarily at that time that it took to social networks," he said in an interview.

Regarding accusations against an official, he said that each accusation will have to be analyzed, what effect they seek and where it is generated, but that it must start from a formal complaint.

"A complaint that can establish parameters, that provides evidence and based on the demonstrations and evidence, an investigation can be followed and acted accordingly at the time," said the spokesman.

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