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Back to the classrooms: This means the preppy style in 2021

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El reboot de ‘Gossip Girl’ es tan solo la punta del iceberg de una tendencia, la estética colegial, que se revisa desde nuevas perspectivas

Por Nuria LuisDe vuelta a las aulas: así se entiende el estilo preppy en 2021 De vuelta a las aulas: así se entiende el estilo preppy en 2021

For millennial memory, the preppy style is that path by which Blair Waldorf induced us towards stylistic experimentation: suddenlayers and socks in such impossible tones.At the beginning of the university stage (or at the dawn), advocating this collegiate inspiration seemed a decision with a lot of sense.But now remembering these wardrobe decisions manage to blush, no matter how nostalgia Gossip Girl produces us.

This is what the conceptualization made by the College Aesthetics series did: create an image that, although it varied from one character to another (Serena's preppy was not the same as Blair's or much less, Jenny's) knewTake your own personality from the trends of the first decade of the 2000s.The HBO Max reboot gives good account to what extent the idea we have of the "preppy" has changed.In 2021, the few images that we have already seen from the new Gossip Girl predict a reference that also adapts to the new times that run.In front of the colored leggings or the white stockings of Blair, the Constance uniform is now taken with white shoes, or with high boots and chupete heel.

The meaning that Waldorf gave him started from the most purist translation of the preappy closet (which, by the way, this style refers to the PREP Schools in which children studied well of privileged families in the United States).Touch review a little history: Smith, Radcliffe, Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Mount Holyake, Wellesley and Vassar were the North American female universities, integrated in what is known as the Seven Sisters, to which the invention is attributed in this way To wear.The skirts to the knee, the stamped blazers and the pearl necklaces (such as those seen in the smile of Mona Lisa) were an essential among their students, daughters of the elites.

However, not everything was skirts, and at this point they connect with the Gossip Girl reboot.Thirteen years later, this new version is being considered much less "Lady" than Blair's preappy dressing.One of Tavi Gevinson's photos gave a good account of a more androgynous College costume?With vests and above all, tailor suit pants.Although it was rare to see Blair in 2007 with pants, we cannot speak in 2021 of an updated “preppy” if we take into account its origin.A review of file images serves to realize that the style of the Seven Sisters and other students also included bermuda combined with high socks and moccasins or Saddle Shoe (the eternal teenage bicolor shoe of the 50s).

One of the most interesting aspects of the PREPPY that we will see in the Gossip Girl of the Z Generation is that it perhaps emphasizes the most seasoned character of the Seven Sisters.In a conservative environment, they dared even with the jeans.In the 40s they were able to cause a scandal, as the photo published by the magazine Life in October 1944 of two Wellesley students in Jeans and Male Shirts.The criticisms that looked to the students of "little feminine" and going "little fashion" were soon..Trying to respond to why the students wore that way, a report by the New York Times of 1944 attributed it "to the desire for comfort, to the absence of men, war" and a "shameless desire to be different and give aBOFFEET TO CONVENTIONS ".A spokeswoman for the Smith Institute also blamed the adoption of jeans as a reaction against strict clothing codes in this type of schools.

De vuelta a las aulas: así se entiende el estilo preppy en 2021

In 2021, the PREPPY continues to bet in seriéfilos terms for resorting to the past, but with a renewed look: less loop and skirt, more pants and vest.Under the concept "Old Money", a hole has also been made on Tiktok with a retro aesthetic that takes as a reference from Blair Waldorf to the costumes of the incredible talent of MR.Ripley, going through the illustrations of J.C legendecker (although there are already users such as @deadhollywood who have denounced the little inclusiveness of these inspirations, remarkable for the null representation of other people who are not white).On the catwalk, the signatures have written their own codes about how to understand this season one of the key trends (inspirations) of autumn.Here we break each of them.

Advocate nostalgia (with a point of decontextualization)

It is one of the perfect formulas of escapismo manido: defend the past as the best source of inspiration, also to dress.In the case of (Emily) Bode, the first collection of the firm after confinement transports to the family university time, installed in a replica of the bedroom of his uncle Bill's residence at the University of Vermont, back in 1969.Boss, on the other hand, is committed to the most classic codes of the preppy style translated into knitted jackets with letters and also Varsity jackets (by the way, one of the absolute garments of the season).Everything returns, but with a twist: wine.Sports -inspired pants is another way to decontextualize College aesthetics: either in gray tones or in earth colored pallets, this garment introduces an athleisure brushstroke in this traditional “pijo” style and also adds sneakers combined with blazers, as they promise to makeThe new protagonists of Gossip Girl.

The ubiquitous irony of Moschino is Jeremy Scott's perfect recipe to bring the preppy to his land: the knitting garments of this style are dyed of relatively unusual colors, such as pink, yellow and blue, in an electrifying combination thatIt does not distinguish gender.The bear that accompanies the logo is another way to turn this particular uniform.There is no lack of the Saddle Shoes.But yes, away from black and white: now they are yellow and blue, so as not to go unnoticed.


Oversize silhouettes are one of the best formulas to enter an updated version of collegial inspiration.And the baseball jacket seems the first simplest step: if Boss opts for dark models that are carried above fluid shirts and tailor skirts, Lacoste bets on more extreme versions combined without any modestThe way also the actress Jordan Alexander in the Gossip Girl reboot takes them.

A preppy style that can be punk

Although Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have mixed on previous occasions iconic references from these elitist schools, it was precisely the new one of the series (in addition to others of an urgent need to experience after the pandemic) the starting point of Mons to devise her collection of her collection of her collectionautumn.In fact, a few months ago they sent several samples to the stylist of Gossip Girl, Eric Daman, and they were happy that several looks will appear in HBO production.

His is a more punk version (and also more consistent with the style of gene generation).Tabled skirts are cut even more, as Kim used.The usual garments are deconstruct, such as knit sweater with V neckline or baseball sweatshirt, to become irregular low dresses and patterns that also bet on the oversize.Leather is another one of the previously unthinkable materials that fits combined with cotton sweatshirts and xl knit sweaters with frayed heraldry motifs.

PREPPY can also be combative

Together with Mons's, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini's vision is the return to the most up -to -date classrooms.His autumn collection shows it: "It is a tribute to the memories they have not had," confessed the Italian designer for Vogue.com In this regard to that generation of students who have lived the school limbo that brought pandemic.He talked about dynamism when describing the proposal, but it is impossible not to mention the most combative version of inspiration.

The brand retains the college codes such as peak sweaters, logo jackets and skirts and stabbing stabs, yes, but it gives them a much harder air based on sharp shoulder pads, jackets with military details, colossal combat boots and beretsthat seem rather taken from the uniforms of the black panthers.A quite innovative patina for the PREPPY with good results: the classic lifelong look is a face washing to show that it can also be challenging.A gesture that, although without pretending, already did the students of the Seven Sisters back in the 40s.

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