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Last week, the fashion world dressed in mourning after the sudden death of the stylist and editor André Leon Talley.Since the news, the media, their friends and the general public did not miss the opportunity to pay tribute to one of the most influential characters in the sector, highlighting their contributions to the industry, their talent, trajectory, their particular style to theDress and even some of the friction he came to have with the editor in chief of the magazine 'Vogue' in his American version, the legendary Anna Wintour.

The lawsuit between these two great fashion was revealed by Leon Talley himself in his memoirs 'The Chiffon Trenches', which were published in 2019.In them, he says that since he met her, her relationship was complicated, distant and recriminatory by Anna to him.

Although over time they managed to form one of the most powerful tandems of the fashion publishing industry, there were always differences between them.According to the editor, Anna criticized her weight gain, even sent him to a specialized center to lose weight, "he didn't support fat people".

“I would love to tell me something human and sincere.I have great emotional and psychological scars of my relationship with this woman so imposing and influential ”.

The final lunge of its relationship came with the 2018 Met gala, when Anna dispensed with André to be the host on the red carpet and interviewed the guests, an action she had been doing since years ago.

"After decades of loyalty and friendship, Anna should have had the decency and kindness of calling me, or sending me an email, telling me: 'André, I think we have made it great with your interviews, but we are going to try something new,'", but he tells, he never dared to speak to him again.

After knowing about André's death, Anna Wintour took advantage of the pages of the fashion Bible to dedicate a few words to her excolega.“As in many relationships of decades, there were complicated moments, but everything I want to remember today, the only thing that matters to me, is the brilliant and compassionate man who was a generous and loving friend for me and my family for many, many years.And whom we will all miss a lot ".

The love and hate relationship between André and Anna is not the only one that has existed among celebrities, in the fashion industry there have been several lawsuits and distancing.

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Peleas épicas en el mundo de la moda | Revista Clase

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Azzedine Alaïa against Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour did not only have a distancing with André Leon Talley, it seems she has made several enemies throughout her career.A lawsuit of years is the one that starred against Azzedine Alaïa.

Although the fashion industry recognizes it as one of the most talented designers, everything seems to indicate that for Anna it was not, because for more than 20 years the editor never published any design or article work of the Tunecino designer.

The lawsuit took more strength in 2009, when the exhibition 'Model As Muse' was carried out in the Met Costume Institute, in which Alaïa designs were not included by Wintour orders.

He did not remain silent and took advantage of an interview for the magazine 'Virgine' to rant against the editor.“Who will remember Anna Wintour in the history of fashion?No one.It is very good as public relations and for business because it scares people, but just seeing it dressed already demonstrates what a pleasure, ”were the words of the 'Bandage Dress' creator.

Cathy Horkn and Hedi Slimane

Otra confrontación que se dio entre una editora de moda y un diseñador fue la que protagonizaron Cathy Horkn and Hedi Slimane.The fight began in 2004, when Cathy reported that the presence of urban look models on the catwalk, as well as the Slim Fit silhouettes, which were being proposed in those years, were original idea of Raf Simons.

Immediately, Hedi took advantage of his Twitter account to attack the editor of 'The New York Times'."I accept criticism, but whenever they come from a critic and not a disguised publicist," he wrote in a statement issued in his social network profile.

The differences were not there.For 2012, when Slimane premiered as creative director of Saint Laurent, he took advantage of his position to deny the invitation to his enemy;Cathy was not summoned to the parade.

The day after the catwalk, she wrote on her blog that she had not been summoned.However, he had the opportunity to see her through photographs, which he described as "clothes made by someone who had been disconnected from fashion for years", and to finish praised the collections of Givenchy, Celine, Balenciaga, Lanvin and Dior.

Alexander Wang and Philipp Plein

Among designers there are also quarrels and confrontations, such as those between Alexander Wang when he accused his colleague Philipp Plein.It was in February 2017 when Wang hung a video through his Instagram profile criticizing the German origin designer, who had just presented his sports collection in Milan.

“Can I copy your homework? Yeah, just change it up a bit so it doesn’t look obvious you copied” (¿Puedo copiar tu trabajo? Claro, solo cámbialo un poco y así no será tan obvio que lo has copiado)”, escribió Wang, quien insinuaba que la colección de Plein era muy parecida a la que había diseñado él para la firma H&M.

Immediately, Plein responded by the same way: “Does this look like your mickey mouse show?It’s HilarioS How you tried to get attention...Next Time You Should Do Your Homework Better Before you try to compete with me!(Does this look like your Mickey Mouse parade? It's incredible how you've tried to get attention.Next time you should do your job better before trying to compete with me), were Philipp's words against the American designer.

Edgardo Osorio de Aquazzura against Ivanka Trump

The creative mind behind the Aquazzura firm sued Donald Trump's daughter in mid -2016.Edgardo Osorio accused Ivanka Trump for deceptive commercial practices, the crimes of commercial image and unfair competition, since the shoe designer assured that Ivanka had plagiarized the 'Wild Thing' footwear model for his homonymous accessories firm.

Months before establishing the demand, Edgardo took advantage of his social networks to face the eldest daughter of the then candidate for the presidency of the United States.

“One of the most disturbing things in the fashion industry is when someone steeps your designs with copyright and does not care.What a shame @IVANKATRUMP!Imitation is not the most sincere way to adulation, ”the Colombian wrote on Instagram.

Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks

Entre modelos es sabido que existen rivalidades, pero una que traspasó las pasarelas fue la que protagonizaron Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks.The frictions began in the 90s, when Naomi was already a supermodel, while Tyra barely started in modeling.

"I had a very painful years in Paris.Although I participated in all the parades, people do not know that I was returning to my house at night crying because a woman who admired seemed that she didn't love me there, and did everything she had in her possession for her to go, ”Tyra revealed inAn interview with the 'Wall Street Journal'.

According to Banks, Naomi always intimidated her and, even, came to threaten her on one occasion while waiting to go out to a parade, he remembered it when she had her as a guest in her 'The Tyra Banks Show' program, when repeating the words thatHe said that occasion: “You will never be me.Don't think you can be me ".

Naomi denied the facts and was amazed during the program.Since then they bordered roughness and smoked La Pipa de la Paz.

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