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Fashion tips for short women | RSVPOnline

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Being short has its advantages: you look younger, you fit perfectly everywhere and if you go shopping and the garment you liked comes in a larger size, you can adjust it.

And just as you can modify your clothes to fit your "grape body", you can also be making mistakes that you don't know, they don't favor you and visually make you look even shorter.

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If you prefer to take advantage of the tricks of fashion and style experts to get the best out of your clothes, we share some tips that you can follow to give the visual effect of not being so tiny.

They are very easy to follow and you will realize how small details can make a difference.

Fashion tips for short women

Trucos de moda para mujeres bajitas | RSVPOnline

high waist skirts

If you are a fan of wearing skirts in hot season, choose those that are above the knee and fit at the waist.

Preferably wear sneakers, but if you want to be more comfortable and wear tennis shoes you can do it, as long as they are not high-top style or your skirt is not long.

thin belts

For nothing in the world do you use very thick belts, because they will give the effect that you are smaller.

Wear neutral colors and basic styles.

Loose shirts, yes or no?

A trick that, in addition to helping you look thinner, will help you not look so short, is to tuck your shirts, t-shirts or t-shirts under your clothes to give a more stylized effect.

If your outfit idea is to wear an oversize shirt, what you can do is wear tight shorts and heels.


As for colors there are no limits, but to appear taller, a good trick is to use monochrome.

Of course, avoid wearing red pants with a red blouse. Better opt for neutral colors and remember that the color black will always favor you and will make you look more elegant.

Tight clothes

Experts recommend that short women generally wear tight or tailored clothing, as this way the silhouette becomes more noticeable and visually gives a more stylized effect.

If you prefer not to wear such tight clothes, you can play a little with the clothes, that is, maybe you can wear intubated pants and a comfortable, not so tight, short-sleeved blouse on top.


If you are very short, try cuts above your shoulders.

If you love having long hair and for nothing in the world do you want to cut it, then we recommend you to opt for a high hairstyle to give a taller appearance.

If you don't like "buns", what you can do is braid your hair or lift the top of your hair with a barrette.

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