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From princess to queen, Letizia celebrates 45 years very "rejuvenated"

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Her face with almost no makeup and a little swollen, last Monday, raised alarm bells, when Leonor and Sofía went back to school, vitamins, botox? Her mega-balanced diet and her routine that focuses on the 'healthy mind in healthy body', with yoga and sports on a daily basis, are his open secret to reach this figure, almost round, with an enviable appearance.From princess to queen, Letizia celebrates 45 years very 'rejuvenated' From princess to queen, Letizia celebrates 45 years very 'rejuvenated'

This year, for the first time since she came to the throne, the consort will take the day off to celebrate, who knows if with a secret dinner, a movie night or both, their anniversary in company of his family and friends. King Felipe has only two events scheduled today, in Cádiz in the morning, which will allow him to arrive in Madrid in the middle of the afternoon and join Letizia's private celebrations. Here, a review of her last birthdays, as you can see, although time passes for all of Letizia, it seems that it does so more slowly than for common commoners.

In 2016, the queen debuted a risky and exclusive brocade model by Felipe Varela, combining it with her always elegant patent leather stilettos from Prada to celebrate her 44th birthday elegantly and suggestively, inaugurating the opera season in the box of the Teatro Real. The musicians surprised Letizia by interpreting a "happy birthday" that was received with the affectionate applause of the stands. Criticism for her see-through, low-cut model made headlines the day after.

From princess to queen, Letizia celebrates 45 years very 'rejuvenated'

A year earlier, our king and queen were on an official trip to the US. The Obamas received them at the White House and we saw Letizia stroll through the private and organic garden of his wife's ex-president, very attentive, gathering ideas, perhaps to become one for herself on her return to Madrid. For the banquet, Letizia opted for a classic and ladylike outfit from the signature of her leading designer, Varela, composed of a structured white jacket and a pencil dress, at that time her midi cut had just been the sensation of summer .

In September 2014, Letizia celebrated her first birthday as queen surrounded by her colleagues, during the tenth edition of the 'Luis Caranchel Awards' for parliamentary journalism, she opted for a dress that she continues to wear the Hugo Boss one in pastel tones, with 3d flowers and a Varela jacket. The thing that she banished forever shortly after her anniversary were hers Letizios, the peep toes that she traded for her most sophisticated and current stilettos, one of her basics in her closet.

2013 was the last time that Letizia, then princess, cleared her agenda of events and on the occasion of her 41st birthday we saw her, accompanied by her mother, Paloma Rocasolano, and her sister, Telma Ortiz, first, enjoy of the play Toc Toc at the Teatro Príncipe in Madrid, to end the weekend by adding the 'icing on the cake' to their festivities in the concert of the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, surrounded by some 25,000 people, at the dcode music festival Will the queen surprise us this time with an unconventional birthday?

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