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Gema López looks like her natural hair during her vacation in Mallorca

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Gema López has curly hair!The 'Save Me' collaborator has surprised us with her most surfing version

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Summer has exposed one of Gema López's best saved secrets.How is your hair really?Throughout the years she has been on television, her hair has been the center of countless comments, many pointed to the collaborator of 'Save.

Gema López luce su controvertida melena al natural durante sus vacaciones en Mallorca

The sun and beach days have been the great culprits that Gema López has exhibited his most natural version during his vacation in Palma de Mallorca.Although it has been absent from 'Save.

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Gema López enjoys a butlazo in Mallorca in the seaw front

We are accustomed to see it show off a brown hair, completely smooth, with volume and curtain type bangs but the reality is another.Gema López has curly hair!As you read, in the same way that her intimate friend María Patiñ.Summer is to get carried away and not think about anything, just enjoying, something that the collaborator is taking to Rajataba.

In the last photographs he has shared on Instagram, he can see how Gema wears a wild hair, without control and huge curls;A natural combs of surfing inspiration that has left a thousand wonders and is perfect for this summer era in which we look for more relaxed looks and effortless.

This renewed and rejuvenated image combines a thousand wonders with their passion for the boho chic.Will we see Gema López look curls on television?

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