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How does infertility affect the emotional and physical health of women?

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The confirmation of infertility is traumatic in itself, but it is also traumatic for women's health. If we talk about mental health, the answer is resounding and affirmative, "yes, without further ado", says Dr. Alessandro Magnelli, gynecologist at the EVA Clinic. "Fertility problems in a woman can affect the mental and emotional state of the person who suffers from it, causing constant feelings of sadness or changes in mood." Consequences that are usually associated with longstanding infertility or the failure of the reproduction techniques used until then. What's more, "some of these disorders can become severe and trigger depression or a state of severe anxiety".

If we also add the physical plane, the health of women is even more compromised. For example, we are talking about the increased risk of suffering endometrial cancer or unknown nulliparity. Pregnancy, explains Dr. Isabel Vielsa, also a gynecologist, "exerts a protective effect against some diseases such as endometrial cancer, since the absence of menstruation for nine months, or more in the case of several gestations, it helps us to avoid anomalous cellular processes”.

We wanted to talk to both experts about these three major disorders or conditions, taking into account that age, sex and “the greater or lesser importance of motherhood in the life project of each woman ” will have an important role in the appearance of them.

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How does infertility affect health emotional and physical health of women?

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Age and gender are determinants

Alessandro Magnelli explains that “the age and gender of the person diagnosed with infertility are two important factors that predispose us to suffering from these conditions”. Thus, women tend to find it more difficult to accept and face the idea of ​​being left without the long-awaited child. The woman, the expert tells us, "has more yearning to build a family by its very nature."

And then there's age. Undoubtedly, time is also very important, because "in assisted reproduction, for example, the passing of months becomes stress", the gynecologist tells us. Women who undergo these treatments are aware that the older they are, the less likely they are to get pregnant, which again creates more stress. Therefore, the passage of time and receiving the news of a fertility disorder is a combination that can lead to that stress becoming something else.

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Mental health, greatly affected by infertility

We must take into account, the expert warns us, that "the couple is facing a moment in life in which either sterility or well infertility”. Therefore, regardless of whether the causes are male or female, the event will generate "a clear sense of loss that, from an emotional and psychological point of view, will produce mourning". The passage through this duel occurs at different times:

1. When a pregnancy was expected and it did not come.

2. The period in which the couple faces treatments of different complexities to become parents.

3. When treatments are unsuccessful.

4. After all, you get pregnant, but sadly, miscarriage.

All these phases in which infertility can arrive “are very difficult to face on their own; it is the loss of a son never seen”. It is true that each of these stages is lived differently by each person, since not only the genetic characteristics of each one influence, but also, "everything learned, lived, that is, the epigenetic characteristics of each person”.

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At this moment, the couple or the person may feel “a sensation of paralysis, of being in a blind alley, they feel different from other couples who can have children and, even, guilty of having reached this situation ”. A breeding ground for emotional manifestations that:

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