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HYFVE: Los Angeles' most iconic fashion manufacturer

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With an annual customer base of more than 60,000 retailers, HYFVE Inc. is one of the most recognized wholesalers in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Equipped with 22 years of history in overseas clothing manufacturing business, HYFVE has a variety of style categories, including contemporary youth, basics, print, casual sexy and missy lines.

Throughout decades, HYFVE's main goal has been to provide the best clothing for a wide range of retailers, from small boutiques to multi-million dollar retailers and from new start-ups to long-running enterprises. .

HYFVE Inc. designs, cuts, dyes, sews and manufactures most of its own products. Between all of them, HYFVE Inc. has launched three main lines that have raised the reputation and made HYFVE the #1 wholesaler for women in the United States.

FAVLUX, or the Fast Fashion line, consists of trendy clothing and the price point is well known for being affordable by all types of retailers.

DOUBLEZERO, or the Better Casual Basics line, is an elevated basic line with a strength and focus on premium fabric qualities, variety of available colors, and details. The relative pricing point is unmatched among the other providers.

HYFVE, or Young Contemporary Line, is the pioneering line that has led the company to remain one of the leading clothing manufacturers for over 22 years. HYFVE is considered as a high-end line with sophisticated details.

HYFVE: The Most Iconic Fashion Maker from Los Angeles

With these three lines at the forefront, HYFVE Inc. is dominating the fashion industry in the United States and abroad.

HYFVE Inc. currently has two showrooms on the main strip of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles.

The FAVLUX/DOUBLEZERO showroom, located on Crocker Street, offers a large space (about 2,000 square feet) for customers to enjoy an optimal shopping experience. One can easily find a lounging chair and table in the middle of the showroom while drinking some free refreshments. The showroom usually carries styles and the variety of style selections further increases customer satisfaction.

HYFVE showroom, located on San Pedro street, caters more towards an individual and private shopping experience. The Starbucks coffee maker and a pink fridge stocked with all sorts of cold drinks seem to stand out from all the rest.

Within the borders of the United States, HYFVE Inc. is an active participant in all major women's clothing trade shows: MAGIC (Las Vegas), FAME (New York), ATLANTA MART (Atlanta) and DALLAS MARKET (Dallas ). Other smaller shows include: ASD Gift (Las Vegas), SURF (Orlando) and STYLEMAX (Chicago). HYFVE booth at any fair seems to be the liveliest and most fun booth with amazing sales reps and refreshing drink station.

Currently, the limit of HYFVE Inc. is expanding further abroad. The company has begun to stand out in international fairs such as London, Germany and Japan. The continued push towards international growth will further increase brand recognition around the world.

Stand in London

HYFVE Inc. is also known for spending a lot of time in public relations and other non-clothing activities. The most recent sponsorship is with Miss USA and Miss USA Teens, which are opportunities for role models in adulthood and teens to actually wear the company's products, give honest feedback, and post useful information like fashion tips on platforms. social (for example, Instagram / Youtube).

For anyone thinking of starting a new womenswear business or looking for a reliable supplier, the most definitive answer would be to look to HYFVE Inc. The company always strives to meet the needs of any retailer.

HYFVE Inc. is hatching. Why don't you join us?

"Starting a business... You just need a floor, some shelves and HYFVE." -Hyfve

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