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Pixar surpasses itself with 'Fly', an exceptional and moving short about children with autism

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'Vuela' ('Float') is the last open-air short that we can enjoy from Sparkshorts, the animation talent search program from Pixar Animation Studios. A project in which we have been able to see fascinating short films such as 'Purl', on labor inequality; 'Kitbull', about animal abuse or 'Out', with the first homosexual love relationship in the history of Disney

'Vuela' has been available on Disney+ for a while, but the platform has uploaded it to YouTube so that we can all enjoy one of Pixar's most beautiful short films, which has a rating of 7.3 points on IMDb. The short lasts about 7 minutes and addresses the issue of children with different abilities who have problems of social adaptation.

The short is about a father and his son who has the superpower to fly and, at first, the father wants to hide him at all costs, because he is different from the other children and so that they do not harm him. But something will happen in a swing park that will forever change their relationship, forcing the father to make a decision: run away, like he always does, or accept his son as he is?

It is based on the true story of Bobby Rubio, director and screenwriter of 'Fly' and a worker at Pixar, who has a boy with autism named Alex. "My wife saw that she was not handling my son's diagnosis of autism well and she said to me: Why don't you tell your story?

Pixar excels with 'Fly', an exceptional and moving short about children with autism

Now all parents, and family members, can enjoy a small but special modern fairy tale that makes us rediscover the courage and strength to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles that can be transformed into great joys." The short closes with a billboard in which the director dedicates 'Fly' to "all families with children considered different".

The way that Pixar captures the relationship between the two is beautiful, the growth of the little one, how what we adults think is a disability is used as an opportunity by the children... A true lesson in life and resilience to which Pixar has already accustomed us.

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