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Supreme, the brand that everyone criticizes for expensive, collaborates with Nike and activate powerful merchandising line

By hollisterclothingoutlet 11/06/2022 680 Views

Fashion brands have specialized more and more in collaborations between them or with brands from other segments, to generate products that become the obsession of consumers.

With design diversification, brands manageHe managed to increase the expectation before the consumer, not only in the sports category, but in the design.

This has also happened with Vetements that launched a line of yellow shirts with the popular logo of the DHL messaging company.

Supreme, la marca que todos critican por costosa, colabora con Nike y activan poderosa línea de merchandising

The collection became a phenomenon in social networks, which to date remains remembered as a trend, which became the market example of how a brand can become a powerful guideline to do merchandising.

The bet between Supreme and Nike

Nike is another brand that has sought to diversify its product offer and has done it successfully as consolidated by the Air Jordan line, tennis designed by former Basketball player Michael Jordan.

Now the brand's work is in the recent collaboration with Supreme, a firm that has been in charge of developing various creative collaborations such as the one he made with Louis Vuitton and that unleashed criticism for the high cost with which this brand has put theSale all kinds of products considered as urban fashion.

This type of strategies are looking for is recognition of brands in new consumer segments or reinforcing the proposal they have, that in the case of Nike and Supreme is to sell urban clothes.

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