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These are the ankle boots that will dominate this season

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That the ankle boots are the cornerstone of any wardrobe during the coldest temperatures is an affirmation that we all know and endorse from the most personal experience.Choosing a model with great care will not only allow youWe like fashion and mixtures are the basis of our game.

Unlike autumn/winter 2020 that was oriented more towards the functionality of the classic cuts, in this 2021 we find a much more fun approach, something that many will thank after the last months, in which the containment was the general tonic.Of course, without forgetting, in most cases, the practicality inherent in the nature of the loot as a footwear, attending to the silhouettes, soles and colors that the dominant fashion trends propose us.All of them are notes that you will love to put into practice in the autumn sets, whether with pants or skirts and dresses.

If you have to invest in a new pair to face the new station, stay to read (and sign) so you can get a global idea of what is going to take the most for six months.In addition, everything is approved with the approval of the catwalks and insiders of the industry, both on the street and in social networks.If you have one or two pairs that still have a bellows to endure this season (and some more), stay equally, it will help you soak ideas with which to put together your head of the head of the header..This is our definitive list:


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Not only do Courèges or Victoria Beckham say it in their bets of the season on the catwalk, the real styles confirm that gold, silver, platinos and copper will return to return some glamor to our lives.Don't you commune much with this dramatic attitude for day to day?Try to take them on Total Black or White looks, and at a time when you should raise sophistication as nighttime dinners and exits.

Platform ankle boots

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Estos son los botines que dominarán esta temporada

The ankle -wide platform and heel ankle boots return in all their splendor to provide an irresistible seventies to wide -legged pants, the mini suede skirts, the crossed dresses long midi ... in black, chocolate or burgundy brown, add them to yourradar because they promise to give you many joys this season in the form of looks.


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His idyll with fashion continues more than ever to continue imbueting the formulas with jeans, dresses and skirts of any long and style.Elígel are with middle cane or rings of the ankle, in a neutral tone (black, leather brown) and with the cowboy cut not too marked, as classic as possible, to extend its existence season after season.

Spiky Toe

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The 2000 have returned and pointed silhouettes are a sample of this.If you recover them, you will see that the result looks super elegant and polished, incredible with jeans and LBD.

Cordoned off

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Whether styles witch or more destroyer like the iconic dr martens or mountain, the Lace Up ankle boots rarely fail, whatever your styling, whether it is complementing some jeans or lowering the effect of a dress.

Sole Track

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They emerged unexpectedly two seasons.They are cool when they are wrapped above spacious fighting pants, but even more when they contrast with dresses and skirts of the most feminine.

Snake print

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With them, one of the most powerful tendencies of autumn, the animal print, and especially the reptile.Sponsored by brands like Mista, these ankle boots are a good idea to contribute the discordant note to a monochor.


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We are already aware of how essential it is to have a couple of great boots to walk in the rain or overcome the puddles with mud, and in this sense, the gummed trend of this year's ankle boots comes to calm our needs.Anti sliding and with the power of adding centimeters high, this fall the firms bring them in very appetizing colors and with the ankle cane, leaving aside the high and somewhat uncomfortable cane that was fashionable years ago.

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