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We want everything that carries the new Lefties lingerie model with more curves and greater bras

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Buying online underwear is not a simple task.Well, it is not if you have a large bras of bra, because it is much more complicated to succeed with contours and patronages.But also as the models that usually hire firms are usually all of similar body form, with a half small size of chest and with measures with which it sometimes costs an idea and identifying.That is why the joy of today comes from the hand of Lefties, and his new model.

A model with which we have a major braze than the models we see the most makes us feel identified to imagine how those bra models feel when you have a size greater than an 85 or 90.For this new collection of Lefties lingerie, there are also other models of different sizes and body shapes, but we who make us want to buy underwear today is she.

Because the new Lefties model not only has more curves than the other models, but its size of bra is greater and that makes us imagine the effect of this type of garment if your measurements are more similar to those of the new Lefties modelthan the rest.

Queremos todo lo que lleva la nueva modelo de lencería de Lefties con más curvas y mayor talla de sujetador

This is the new model of the latest launch of the affordable firm of Inditex, a series of packs in which you can buy the entire set of bra and panties, and also some separate garments, braga or panties.All comfortable style, without hoops and perfect to carry with everything.

We applaud the fact that it is increasingly common to find different styles of women, with different body forms.

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