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What to buy to dress well in 2022

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12 12 2021

What to buy to dress well in 2022

Here is a list with several smart purchases to guarantee us style this next course.

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Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Trends

Spring-summer 2022 trends

In an opinion article for a Spanish media outlet, Giorgio Armani spoke of beauty and essentials. "My design method has always been based on reduction. It's something my mother instilled in me since I was a child," the Italian creator began. "If you want to create beauty, do only what is necessary, and nothing more. I remove things to leave the essentials," he maintained. He talked about his minimalist, simple and wonderful style. "When you remove what's left over, what's left is timeless: pieces that can be worn or worn for years to come without looking dated." That is the goal that many women - in general, the most experienced in terms of fashion and trends - pursue when they go shopping. They want to shop smart in order to build a successful and long-lasting wardrobe.

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11 smart purchases that will guarantee you style in 2022

What to buy to dress well in 2022

"Things can't just be pretty, they must work and be useful," he stated in his letter. With that idea in mind, from here we want to talk about those current purchases that can guarantee us to dress well in 2022 but also during the coming years and that appeal to that timelessness that Armani spoke of.

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In our list we have looked for pieces from brands such as Maje, Scalpers, Hoff or Tous that champion that sensual comfort that Giorgio Armani spoke of in his text. Functional things, yes, but also beautiful. Or vice versa. The order of the factors in this shopping list does not alter the product. It is possible that in the gallery that accompanies the article all women will find a piece - a dress, a sweater, suit pants, a piece of jewelery - that fits their style and that, in addition, embellishes it. That is the objective: buy well, buy nice.


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Cardigan by Maje. Buy.

Common sense, sometimes forgotten in the vertigo of fast fashion trends, is very present in each of the choices. Also good taste. Here are the smartest purchases at the end of the year.

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11 smart purchases that will guarantee you style in 2022

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