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The woman praises the man for not staring at her in the gym during a "uncomfortable" squat, but some criticize her for her double moral

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Going to the gym must be a comfortable experience for everyone.

However, when Libby Christensen was doing his daily exercise, he was pleasantly surprised to see that a man had not looked at her while he was squatting.

In a Tiktok, which has 7 million visits, Libby filmed herself using a squat machine, but she was the man who was trapped next to the video in which she chose to focus.

On the video, she wrote: «I just need to shout the man behind me while I was squatting because I was so uncomfortable that they stared at me, but I was very grateful that my loot was not his focus.

"I looked at this back and felt comfortable," he said when he realized that he was not looking at her during his training.

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The video obtained more than 15,000 comments, since many found their point on the label in the gym and film other people.

Many men said there was a "double standard", as one wrote: "Don't you think he's" uncomfortable "with which he films him?"

While one joked: "That is called the" ah yes, the floor is made of floor «

Meanwhile, you are filming it, "said another man.

When explaining his double standard, a man said: "So you can record it but he can't look at you?"

La mujer elogia al hombre por no mirarla fijamente en el gimnasio durante una sentadilla ‘incómoda’, pero algunos la critican por su doble moral

"He is very afraid to look for fear of being punished, so he has to try not to look in your direction," another wrote.

Libby has 346 000 followers on Instagram, 99,3,000 Tiktok and 37,6,000 on YouTube while sharing its physical conditioning trip, advice, health, diet and exercise as Gymshark athlete and Alani Nutrition athlete.

"Some of us don't like to be recorded without permission," said one while the problems related to "consent" filled the comments.

«When I am in this position in the gym, I have to move for fear that the woman thinks that I am disgusting.The uncomfortable feeling goes both directions sometimes ».She explained a man's experience of going to the gym, kindly.

To which she replied: «I definitely feel you here!It is difficult to measure people's intentions, especially when we all walk in silence! »

The solution of a person to the problem was: "I only look at the floor 90% of the time I am in the gym, I do not want to give someone the opportunity to think that I am looking at him."

While some even told him to wear different clothes for the gym, they said: "I mean, to be fair ... you are archiving it without consent and publishing it without consent.Wear baggy clothes if you feel uncomfortable.He can also be uncomfortable!

"I feel that some of you will not be satisfied until women wear sweatshirts and a turtle neck to go to the gym," said one, pointing to misogyny.

To which Libby replied: "And even then it is not enough, sister."

"I love that they hate you to recognize the good behavior we need to see more," said one while Libby showed a man doing the minimum.

"Not men in the comments that blame girls for being afraid, instead of men who scare them first and give other children a bad reputation," said one who observed how toxic masculinity can be.

A man admitted: "Trust me, that man was doing everything possible to not look."

While some supported the influence of physical aptitude, saying: "It is always private and" without content "that have more to say.You are an incredible girl, keep it up! "

To which she replied: "Uuuuuuuuuuuuu, after this torrent of comments, this is refreshing, thank you."

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